Unending thots of you

Its funny how some feelings never die,
Its been two years and you’re still here,
Etched in my heart and my mind with love,
It feels like we’ve got unfinished business,
I would never have traded you,
Would have fought tooth and nail for you,
But you just wouldn’t do the same or so it seemed,
Yet I went on loving you until you lost me,
Yes you lost me which you should

Oh I went wild trying to get over you
And then found peace in life, loving my maker
Then slowly you drifted from my thoughts
But never from my heart
Till I found a heart to call my own and finally fell in love again
Yet for some reason I still can’t help but think
If maybe things had happened differently
You’d probably still be the one for me

Its silly oh so silly of me
But closer than I’d eva think
I love you still in my heart you’ll be…

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