Office hrs

I’d been watching her for a while now, unseen from my office window.
Her hips swaying back and forth matching the rhythm of her heels as they tapped softly on the marble floor, her long legs balancing her beautiful body, skin dark and blemishless… She looked this way, not seeing me and I gulped heavily, she was beautiful. She smiled and revealed dimples on either side of her cheeks, her brown hair tinted with gold, oh and her eyes…

Stacey had just started work at Hubbs & Ford barely two weeks ago as a receptionist, her desk was outside my office and I faced the inner torture of having to see her each day.
In my entire twenty eight years , I had never been more affected by the sight of a woman, but there was something about her ( and her choice of clothes) that had me struggling to concentrate on work.

I wonder if she noticed how I mumbled greetings in response to her every morning. I couldn’t even trust myself to make eye contact , you’d think after two weeks I’d have gotten over it but each day seemed like the first.
I shrugged and went back to work, there was a project I was working on that had to be on the boss’s desk by tomorrow and I’d already decided to work late.
I went through the pile on my desk and went back to my laptop, leaving thoughts of stacey in the private room of my mind.

I looked at my watch and sighed, it was 7pm and the office had emptied out with only a few die-hards left trying to meet impossible deadlines.
I stepped out to grab coffee, walking leisurely trying to clear my head of all figures I’d been doing. I still had at least 2hours worth of work to put in before I could call it a day but this break was necessary.
I stepped into the kitchenette, made my coffee and sat down, there was no use taking it back to my office, my desk was a mess and even d mug holder was presently occupied with staple pins, I smiled. As tired as I was, I loved my job.
Draining the last of my coffee I headed back to my office and shut d door, when I heard a sound, I stopped then heard it again. I opened my door and there she was at her desk trying to pick something up her back to me, a glorious sight I must say.

‘Mr Thompson’ she said , turning to face me. I looked at her trying to get a word out but my mouth was slammed shut shut. She straightened her dress, d pearls around her neck playfully slapping her chest, ‘oh Mr Thompson, I didn’t mean to interrupt your work’ she smiled. I nodded, turned and went back into my office, embarrased. She’s just a woman I said to myself, a young attractive woman who’s got you tongue-tied I thought.
What was she still doing around here?
Receptionists closed at 5, it was almost 8.
I took a deep breath, sat at my desk and tried to work, drowning myself just enough to forget the sight of her behind. It had probably been an hour when I stopped and called security to let them know I was still at work. As I dropped the fone , I heard a slight knock at my door, before I could think twice it opened and stacey walked in.
‘Hi’ she said, I stared, blinked then answered back, ‘hi’.
‘Why are you still here’? I blurted out nervously and she smiled and sat down opposite me.
‘I locked myself outta my apartment and my housemate won’t be home till 11’ she said as she played with her jewelry.
‘Oh’ was all I could manage, ‘you really do work hard Mr Thompson I admire…
Darkness, the office was pitch black. Oh crap, I thought to myself the lights would be off for an hour or so.

I stood up, ‘the lights will be out for a little while so the transformer can cool off’ I walked to the window trying not to hit anything. I heard her leave the table and then she tripped, I caught her and a good smell of her perfume. As I helped up my hand brushed her cheek, ‘thank u’.
She touched me arm,then placed a hand on my face. Her palm was warm and soft, I had stopped breathing. I felt her lips on my neck, then her tongue slowly followed. Her hands reached for my shirt, and she slipped her hands into it, playing with chest, softly running her fingers through.
She whispered in my ear ‘you’re rather shy for a man with such a perfect body’ and laughed. I thought about it, then bent to kiss her full lips that had cruelly tortured me since she’d showed up.
I was not a rough man, so I kissed her lightly, on her lips, on her forehead, her ears, her neck, she moaned with pleasure and pulled off my shirt.
I put my hand through her hair, kissing her neck while I slowly unzipped her dress. The zip stopped just above her bum and I felt myself harden as I touched it.
Her skin was soft like a baby’s and as her dress slipped to the floor, she pressed her full luscious breasts against me.
I took my time, squeezing her bum, slowly pulling down thin thread of panties (no wonder her bum had no control, these weren’t panties) then I reached up to unclasp her bra.
It fell to d ground and I bent to put one breast in my mouth, I sucked on it, my tongue tickled her nipple and she moaned, my other hand pressing her hard against me, she drew back and knelt down in front of me.
For a moment, I wondered if this was really happening, me and stacey in my office, the door wasn’t even locked but then we were the only ones left in d the building…

to be continued…

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