Office hrs: Episode 2

My heart raced as I felt stacey hands fumbling with my belt. I heard my zipper snap and my trousers fell to my knees. She pushed me against the desk, and her hands went into my briefs, I gasped and…
Light flooded through the office, I jerked back in shock, knocking stacey in the face with my knee. She yelped with pain and got up, naked and beautiful regardless. I started towards her forgetting my pants around my legs and we both went sprawling to the ground, me on top of her.
She moaned and for a moment I thought I’d killed her, then she started squirming and I quickly rolled off her. At first she just lay there and I got a little worried, then she got up shakily, crawled over to the wall and started laughing.
I wasn’t sure what to do but then I joined in, it was rather hilarious how we’d ended up pants down on d floor. We laughed and helped each other up, she quickly put on her clothes and insisted on dressing me up too.
‘ This was fun, Mr Thompson’, she smiled rubbing her now swollen nose, ‘maybe next time we’ll actually finish this’ and she walked out of my office carrying her shoes in her hands.
I rushed to pack up and caught her just as she got into the elevator.

‘I’m soo sorry, I was soo clumsy’, I said blushing terribly, she was holding a small bag of ice to her nose, had she been anywhere near as light as me, it’d have been an ugly sight.
‘Lemme give you a ride, its the least I can do’ she smiled ‘ are you sure you wanna do that?’ the mischievous look on her face almost changed my mind but I nodded.
I dumped my briefcase in the back seat and got into the car, the ride was silent except for her soft voice giving directions.
We drove through the busiest road in wuse 2 and finally ended up at her house, she picked her fone to make a call as she got out of my car, ‘ thanks’ she said and I sped off.

Home seemed soo welcoming, I walked into my apartment, dropped my stuff on the couch and went straight to my room. I wasn’t hungry for food, I was hungry for something much more satisfying. I kept replaying the last couple of hours in my head and my body spasmed as I pictured stacey’s full breasts in my hands.
I peeled off my clothes and stepped into the shower letting the cold water pelt down my skin…

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