Office hrs 3

*This is the long awaited third chapter of office hrs, I apologize for the delay*

I brushed my hand through my hair letting a frustrated sigh escape me. I was drowning under my work load and to make matters worse I hadn’t seen stacey since our little rendezvous in the office.
I hadn’t asked after her cos I didn’t want to arouse any suspicion or maybe I was just paranoid but I knew she’d been coming to work cos I’d been checking the sign-in register everyday just to make sure.

I stared blankly at my laptop, work was driving me nuts, just then my phone rang. ‘Hello’, I said, ‘ oh ok I’ll be right there Sir’.
My boss needed me in his office apparently. I shifted the papers,got up and made for his office. I took the stairs to clear my head, I stopped at his door took a deep breath and knocked.
‘Come in’ came a deep raspy voice. I opened the door and walked into the huge office.
‘Good day Sir’,
‘Have a seat Thompson’ he said not looking up from the books in front of him. I sat opposite him, looking round. This was the second time I’d been in here, mostly cos the boss-man was almost never around attending to business all over the country.
The desk was oval made of mahogany, the floor carpeted with a plush black rug and a mini-library at a corner with the bar inches away from it.
Luxury, Mr Wallace knew how to live the life, with his fleet of cars, a mansion in the best part of town and perfect family, his years of hardwork and building my company from scratch sure did pay off.

There was another knock at the door and a lady came in dragging a trolley her back to us, but I could’ve recognized that ample behind anywhere, it was Stacey.
‘Sir, these are the last of the files and your coffee’, she said carefully setting a tray in front of him. The boss-man finally looked up as Stacey made to leave, ‘ Stacey wait behind pls, I’d like to see you as well’.
I panicked, could the boss have found out about the other night, after 5 years of work I was going to lose my job over a woman. My hands started trembling and I shoved them in my pockets as stacey took the sest beside me.
‘Thompson I must in your years of service at this company you have th most competent member of my staff’, he paused to sip his coffee, ‘ now as you are aware our annual conference will be holding in Calabar, however I will be unable to attend as the date clashes with my vacation, ‘ he smiled broadly, ‘ So this year I’ve decided that you’ll represent me and this fine organization, you may have noticed the absence of my P.A. Natalie, she’s been in Calabar finalizing the arrangements so I had to borrow this young lady here and I must say she is a hard worker, which is why I have also decided that she accompany you as your P.A. Hotel arrangements have been made for both of you, as the conference will last 10days’, he looked at his watch and stood, ‘ Natalie will be here tomorrow to fill you in, I however, have a meeting to attend, Good day’.
And with that boss-man picked his briefcase and left me and Stacey in his office.

My palms were sweaty and I pulled them outta my pocket wiping them on my trousers. I didn’t dare look at Stacey, I was too embarrased. ‘Well , we should get outta here you know’ she said and left me in the office.

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