I pledge to naija my butt crack…

Yeah well 2012 is already three days old so I won’t be starting this post with any compliments of the season.
Besides Nigerians are already questioning whether or not the year is happy , what with fuel prices rising to N141 from N65 due to the removal of fuel subsidies, Boko Haram’s ultimatum forcing northerners to dump their lives and move home, ASU’s indefinite strike leaving students all over the country idle and the usual socio-economic problems jabbing us in the ribs a little harder than usual while we all come up with awesome jokes about our problems, talk about living the ‘naija dream’.

Its sad really, at least enough to be worth writing about and coming from me that’s saying a lot. Anyways, my take on the entire situation is really simple: the naija government should go screw itself.
According to the constitution, GEJ’s pandering with the subsidy situation is illegal, the power to deregulate the petroleum sector or any other lies in the hands of the national assembly (which is conveniently still on xmas vacation)
Plus, we’re yet to recover from the shock of the Christmas bombings which left nigerians shaking in the knees with fear. Boko Haram is still at large threatening the lives of innocent people while GEJ’s nose gets bigger and his Dame Patience’s english get worse…
I’m usually not one to write about political matters, I mean half the time I never know what’s going on in this darn country, but things are spiralling out of control and I can’t ignore it.

The stupidest thing GEJ has done, since the protest of naija youth’s started, is threaten to ban BIS and Blackberrys to cripple communication (infringing on our human rights which includes freedom of expression). How could anyone be that clueless?
Anyway, enough about naija’s issues I’m bored already, Boko Haram should do us all a favour and kill the president as their farewell bombing then go drown themselves in the ocean!


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