A Gleek Tale…

She must have been staring into nothingness for hours because when she looked up, the once blue sky had turned black as night. She sighed heavily, swung her book bag over her shoulder and started the long walk home. Isys always dreaded going home which had recently become Lima, Ohio. One would think that a new environment would change her parents relationship, make it a little better but well she’d given up on wishful thinking a long time ago, all she could do was to live the only way she knew how, Alone.

Today had been her first day at Mckinley High and it hadn’t been very promising, though in fairness she hadn’t been accommodating and was practically invisible but it was safer that way. She’d never really been a social person anyway, the less attention she drew to herself the better. As she turned the block her house came into view, at least this neighbour was more serene she thought to herself, she could lose herself in the peacefulness of Lima and forget about the chaos that meant home every now and again. Life in Brooklyn had been a prison for her, she shuddered as she remembered.

Well it was a new start she shrugged as she walked up to her front door, her were parents yelling at each other, and it looked like somethings weren’t going to change, she took a deep breath and opened the door…

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