A Gleek Tale: Chapter 2

Hi, this is my attempt at fan-fiction and glee is the only tv series worth writing about, for me at least. So I’m treading cautiously so I don’t do damage. It’s my glee inspired story and while ur at it check out fanfiction-gleekmom she’s the queen of fan fiction! Hope u like it and feedback’ll be awesome!


Earplugged and head down, Haylie walked briskly to her locker. Quietly mouthing the combination she’d crammed over the weekend, she opened it and started sorting books for her next couple of classes. She inhaled the sweet smell of pine she’d added to the locker and looked around the hall way, Mckinley wasn’t so different from her old school, less violent of course but still like every other public school. Cliques, cool Kids, nerds, outcasts same food chain different faces, remaining unknown wouldn’t be so hard, she smiled and slammed her locker shut. Haylie started down the hall to find her class.

‘Cheerio practice in fifteens minutes, anyone of you show up late and you’ll be rubbing the fermented sweat of your smelly team mates into Schuester’s hair to help him keep his job as the local grease man’, Sue yelled as she made her way slowly down the hall ‘and becky see me in my office, I need to reschedule my ninja poops’, ‘Right, Couch!’ Becky saluted and skipped away as Sue turned the corner. Sue Slyvester Coach of the Cheerios, antagonistic, overbearing, excessively rude 6time Cheerleading Champanionship winner and self-acclaimed bully!
Well, Couch helped her to stay on top and she intended to keep it that way Quinn thought to herself as she watched Couch Sylvester shove her way past everyone, she was captain of the cheerios, dating the cutest guy in school (who happened to be the quarterback) and she was the captain of the celibacy club, High school was her Kingdom and only she could rule, who else would do a better job at ruling the school and ignoring the unknowns? Why Queen Quinn of course, patting her ponytail she rushed to catch up with her team mates, this year was going to be perfect.

The bell went off at 4 o’clock and everyone shuffled noisily out of the classroom, leaving Haylie at her desk. She sat there quietly listening to all the chaos going on outside, people yelling goodbyes down the hallway, chit-chatting and noise spurred-on by the end of another day school. Haylie stuffed her books in her bag and brought out her Ipod. She had decided to take a tour of the school after hours, at least there’d be after school clubs going on so she wouldn’t get into any trouble, she just needed the people that would to go home, she leaned back into her chair as ‘she walked alone’ by superchic came on and slowly drifted into the music…

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