Wreckless Palpitations

Watching this couple on the bench across the lawn, staring into each others eyes brings one thing to mind: love. But for me, I wonder how long they’ve been together and what they really know about each other. Just because they look good together, doesn’t mean they’re perfect for each other, if you know what I mean.

No, I’m not a sadist, I’m just being realistic. Does the loving look in his eyes hold any ounce of truth? Does he know what she’s up to when he isn’t around? Can they truly stand to be together or apart?
So many people today are in relationships for lack of anything better to do, convenience or the fear of being alone. Many others don’t even understand let alone believe in love but hold on to the idea of it for biological reasons, pathetic but true and it saddens me.

I’ve seen love, I know love, we share a name and an unavoidable existence. I’ve dealt with it in so many ways I know I can’t avoid it. It breaks down your walls and forces you to be vulnerable, to share , to be dependent. Love strips you of your defences and leaves you to feel so much pain you can’t help but love for fear of hurting more. Love brings out the truth in you, bares your soul and makes you whole. It revives you it, it makes you and it moulds you. You may hate it but can’t do without it, love is loving and trusting someone with your heart. That’s why it sucks when things go wrong.

Yes it sucks when things go wrong, but half or almost all the time, we set ourselves up for the fall. Let’s paint a scenario here, probably the most common. You cute girl, working and independent ; him cute guy working, house and car. He asks you out , you say yes find out he’s comfortable and fun and you’re hooked. You hang, he spoils you and you fall in love, 2months later you find out he’s cheating on you. Then you ask yourself, how much did I really know about this guy? Stupid huhn?
Flip the coin, he dates you, you spend and enjoy and have another guy on the side to take your booty calls and help with the bills, poor guy he thinks he’s found the one…
But you know what saddens me more, the girls and guys desperate to be in a committed relationship that’ll hopefully end up in marriage *smh*, they attach themselves to people in the name of ‘love’ and subject themselves to a life of sadness under the pretext of commitment, submission and of course security.

Obviously love has been brutally bastardized and destroyed even for the young ones, whose idea of fairytale endings died with they’re parents divorce and free porn sites *sigh* . As impossible as it sounds though, love is real and does exist, people just aren’t patient enough to find it, or are simply afraid of it., so if your hearts been broken , think back make amends, re-evaluate and try again. It may not end the way you’d hoped but you’d have a story to tell and experience under your belt.
Besides there are people out there that made it work, for better and for worse, look at them and not the Hollywood crack-head superstars! Love wisely, love fully, love life and most importantly let love come to you…

P.S. It came to me too…


10 thoughts on “Wreckless Palpitations

  1. I think this piece is a SUB…..But,that’s not why we’re here.It’s beautifully written,Pretty creative and its got *a significant message* I also like d fact that its not too long….Nice One
    Reading ur blog ,beats talking to you anyday….in real life,u jst go on nd on…biko,take a cue from ur blog.


  2. What were they thinking? *smh. Lol. I think really captured the essence of “falling” in love here. It’s always reckless and most times one never knows how it turns out. But then again that’s why it’s called “falling” and not some other verb


  3. Good read, plus U stuck with the message all thru’. I really like it. Point is people stick to odas bcos d world we live in isn’t a fairytale. Real life situations dat our folks conveniently forgot to tell us about hits us smack in d belly and we need to somehow deal with dat with some1 who understands; in a way, understanding is what we look for in a relationship.
    Nice 1, keep it up.


  4. Wow, I honestly didn’t think anyone would take my blog seriously. Thank you so much guys, its really encouraging… *blushing in 3D*


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