Blogworthy Gist

This post is completely unavoidable but what is a naija blog without some kinda juicy news huhn?
Well, I’ll keep it real , the only way I know how *grinning*

Abuja two years ago was a desert of completely clueless people who had a stereotype non-existent idea of fun outside the ‘club’. This of course was sad, disappointing and frustrating for me , a lagos babe that understands the groove right? *smh*
Turns out though that Abj is finally starting to catch on and lose the lifeless routine! Already we’ve got plays, outdoor shopping and gaming tournaments taking the city by storm not to mention the battle of the arts! I’m beside myself with excitement, you know why? Cos it creates a platform for me to do what I love the most (don’t ask cos I won’t say *hehe*). So lemme give u a lowdown of how this new groove order works!

On thursdays, there’s live music at a classy lounge in maitama called Vanilla, for the posh and expressive, come mingle, come single I say *winking in 3D* .
Then there’s the dance of love, Salsa at Casalinda on fridays, a beautiful venue also in maitama. Where better to let loose and soar than on the dance floor locked in the arms of a cute partner? Dance if u dare!
Oh but that’s not all, just hours after on saturday, there’s a play staged by Rosewood media to keep you glued to your seat and thoroughly entertained (oh my! Just writing about this is exhausting!)
And lastly, karaoke at Grotto on sunday!

*phew* now throw that into a pile and mix it with your regular brew of activities , throw in some computer games and life goes from aimless clubbing to living till you outshine the sun! *winking in black and white*
People! People! Abuja is waking up yippee!
And as if that isn’t enough , u get to shop till you drop in the great outdoors at The Total Market (TTM)! Watch out people, the harmattan ain’t blowing breeze! Its blowing swag! Holler if you feel me, I’m out *waving from an iceberg*

Thursdays : Live music @ Vanilla,
28 Pope John Paul II Street, off Gana street, Maitama.

Fridays : Salsa at Casalinda. 8, Colorado. Close, off thames street, maitama

Saturdays: Stage plays by Rosewood Media (call 07035686227 for venues)

Sundays: Karaoke at Grotto, 911 Mall, off Gana Street, Maitama!

Gamers Tournament : Ladi Kwali hall, Sheraton (April 7th)

The Total Mkt (TTM) : Maitama Amusement park ( March 24th)

So if u wanna know where to go, check out my blog, follow me on twitter @isysdrain or on facebook @ Isys Adediran

Bye *waving*

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