Arise for what again? Oh Naija!

My concern is less for the name change and more about the motive.
As much as I try not to be a social critic the things that go on in this country can no longer be ignored. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who was sadly appointed president of this country truly has no direction as to how to build an ailing nation, things are crumbling at his feet yet he opts for unnecessary changes over actually solving the true problems of this country.

What has changing the name of the school got to do with Democracy Day? I love MKO even though I never met the dude (and really can’t be bothered) and feel he deserves to be honoured but how does this improve the academic standard of Nigerian schools? Every day education in Nigeria deteriorates, the public schools become tout-development centres and the private schools (except a few) become business centers that dummify our kids yet on Democracy Day we get a name change rather than a policy that regulates school fees nationwide and insistence on the building of educational resource centers.

Nigeria needs to grow and empowering the youths with an excellent education is a necessity , there’s a reason the world powers are what they are you know and we can’t be stuck in the third world forever. Good standard education is one of the major propellers of making this country better, Oga GEJ make meaningful contributions to the society, awarding accolades to the dead will not cover up your inability to rule, manage money and provide security to Nigeria.

I can’t help but think that only a coup would bring Naija to it’s senses or at least some help from OBJ cos ‘bad as e be’ Boko Haram wouldn’t have dared conception in his time. Ultimately though we need God’s intervention to help this country that we’re all struggling to love and live in, Happy Democracy Day everyone…


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