Abuja’s Fashion Trend

It’s impossible to ignore the Ankara craze that’s taken over the nigerian fashion scene, especially in Abuja.
The ban on fabric importation in Nigeria has pushed our local designers to be creative, embrace our roots and make Ankara the new cotton which to me is simply awesome. From Ankara accessories, bags, shoes and of course dresses this trend has taken Nigeria by storm.

The trend-setter would probably be Ituen Bassey who went the whole nine yards to accept ‘ankara-couture’ as her style, creating jaw-dropping designs in clothes and accessories but not stopping there, she took on the feat of training people in the ankara-fashion hence birthing ‘ankarites’ nationwide. The uniqueness of her style is found in its simplicity and elegance and is truly one of a kind.

Asides Ituen Bassey however, a couple of talented Abuja designers are taking this ‘ankara-couture’ to another level and some of them are DZYN Couture, a fashion house that makes very lovely clothes that are edgy, youthful and elegant, they go beyond the ankara to find a mesh of unique and cool-chic. Tionni fashion isn’t taking the ankara-craze lightly either with mouth watering accessories, shoes and bags to die for and then a personal favourite of mine are the Jackets and pants by Couture Sashes, Oh my! They’re breathtaking, beautifully embellished must I go on? Ankara-couture is smoking hot !

So like it or not ladies the ankara craze has come to stay,I do think the best ankara brands to buy are Da Viva, Vlisco Wax and then Millenium (that’s those igbo looking one’s I think) and unlike most fabric, ankara isn’t annoyingly expensive and is available to all.
I love what I wear and wear what I like, so join me and embrace ‘Ankara-Couture’

Yup, I’m done talking Safe

Ground Floor, Asokoro Shopping Mall
Asokoro. Abuja
+234 803 855 1454
+234 704 041 8777

Couture Sashes
No 3 panama street off ibb blvrd ministers hill maitama.

Showspace, Nanet Suites, CBD

Ankara Craze

Ankara Craze


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