Tough Love

It’s funny how we’re unaware of the damage we do to ourselves out of ignorance or wanting to ignore the truth. Life is a game of strategy, wisdom and grace but falling prey to life’s circumstances forces one to forget the purpose and dwell on the pain.

Do you know who you are, Why you were created and What you must fulfill? Do you think you are here to party your life away in the name of the common slogan ‘You only live once’ only to die and not be remembered for a single achievement?

I know sometimes the past draws a pretty bleak picture of the future but think about it, if you weren’t meant to overcome why are you still alive? Every challenge is for an experience from which a lesson must be learned, to mould you, educate you and help you be the person you are meant to be.
Don’t let life pass you by, get up dust yourself off, say a prayer and march into your life with focus and determination and let your achievements speak of your purpose as your name goes down in history…

One thought on “Tough Love

  1. Nice piece but put more soul into it and you will have sometime that people will definately remember. I’m pretty proud of you .


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