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 The characters and incidents potrayed and the names herein are fictitious, and any similarity to the names, characters or example of any person or entity is entirely coincidental but intentional… Grammatical blunders should be pardoned

*Hits playbookutunu gong five times*

Gather around once again ladies and *cough* gentlemen. Its been a while we had any form rational unintellectual discussion over here, so we consulted with the gods and they’ve decided to send us rabbit Niro to bring us glad tidings from the zone beyond.

*applause* Niro mounts podium bearing four red books

First of all go down low, I would like to announce that this blog has won been nominated for the Nigerian Blog Awards for the second year running and that has been made possible by the untiring efforts of only you. On that note, you’re welcome to today’s class…

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