Skin and Bones

Who are you? What are you?
Better yet is there a you behind those big brown eyes constantly shining like a deer in headlights with innocence written in the lies across your face?
A tormented soul darker than the dredges deep down under, suppressing the light yet killing the good that fights to rescue the nothingness that you are but can’t see.

A mask can only cover your face, it will not hide your identity, expressed through every manipulative action carefully calculated to draw the pity from which you derive your ‘victim’ status. Tiny and helpless you, the biggest con the big-hearted have ever met, draining them of the love they want to share and returning it with frustration, pain and rage just to get a kick.

You know not who you are yet you feel you know what you want, completely oblivious to what you need. Can’t you see that you’ve got all that you want? No you can’t, because you never really did want it, it just makes you feel better having it just in case what you actually want doesn’t show up.

How pathetic! You wouldn’t recognize the truth even if slapped you in the face, you’d probably just enjoy the excuse for another pity party.
The thin line between obsession and insanity is non-existent, because you’re fighting so hard to hold on to what you’ve already lost. The devil need not teach you to die, you’re the master of your own downfall but of course he’ll take the credit!

Who are you?
Are you just a name, that evokes anger from the hottest fires when mentioned?
Are you a lie that can not speak the truth of its deeds?
Has the darkness enveloped you beyond rescue?
Do you even care that you’re not who you are meant to be, but rather a shadow darker than the shadow you cast? Dead on the inside, yielding lifeless fruits that bring out the worst in what ought to be good.

You are nothing but all you choose to be, but to me you are just skin and bones!


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