Freedom Fight

I spit the truth
Vile as it might seem coming forth from a fire buried deep within
I scream the truth
Regardless of how it might make you feel
Knowing the wounds it would heal
Closing my eyes to pain as it bruises you
I shout the truth
Loud, deafening and clear
Cos I’d rather hurt you into healing
Than let you ruin yourself due to fear

Can you hear the words I speak?
Can you not see that it is your salvation I seek?
I see you trapped in a life that isn’t yours
I see you struggling with that past
Full of shut doors
I see you cower under pressure for a little peace
That is fleeting but never really what you want

Open your eyes and look around
A second chance is before you to take
Not for you wander on making the same mistakes
You can’t do the same thing and expect things to turn out differently
Is the suffering really worth the death that lies in your wake?
Running won’t help you
Denial won’t save you
But take up the Lord as your shield
And His victory will save you!

I pray for you, I cry for you
I want you to be set free
But only if you come to the Father will you be free indeed
Let go of chains, walk out of the darkness
And embrace the you that God had always destined you to be
Fight for your freedom
And the Giver peace will dwell in thee


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