Leiber Lover

Urgh! It took me 16 days to respond to this, shame on moi. Let’s see, where am I supposed to start? *eyes deolu bubble’s list of instructions and scratches head*

Though I must say, who’d’ve thought my blog’d be nominated for anything? Didn’t think anyone noticed its existence or wait was Deolu Bubble trying to psyche me up so he could set p? Hmm…

It might be genuine love sweety but Wana beat u to it, *adjusts bra* but I digress….

This Leiber definition sef, *copy and paste from Deolu Bubbles blog*, who’s that complaining? Deolu dubbed too na, I must follow the leader God no go vex abeg, no be exam :p

So, the Leiber award apparently is an award given to up and coming bloggers with under 200 wordpress followers, the leibster award originated in Germany and Leibster means ‘dearest or beloved’ and leibe is ‘love’.

Hian sounds like a weird word made up by Justin Beiber fanatics singing ‘ then I saw his face, now I’m a be-lieber!’ *snorts* sorry guys just couldn’t help myself *chuckles*

The Rules *yawns*

1.Thank the person who nominated you
2. List 11 random facts about yourself. Answer the questions they have asked you
3. Nominate 11 other people
4. Ask the nominees 11 questions
5. Last and thankfully the least, let them know you have nominated them.

Choi I tire, ehen oya lets do this…

Thank you ‘Deolu Bubble for nominating my blog out of obscurity, God go make you bigger and deliver you from your sexcapades that keeps us running to read all your R-rated posts! Plenny of love (plus some kiss assing of course). Not sure if anyone else nominated me but eh, if anyone did I extend the same love to you (no homo ladies). Ah ha moving on…

11 random facts about me, hmm how do I do this without boring you guys to death
1.I’m totally awesome
2.I’m a rebel
3. Football bores me to pieces (sorry guys)
4. Hi I’m Isys and I’m a recovering twitter addict and an unapologetic bb addict
5. I’ve got a hot butt for the guys who were wondering 😉
6. I’m an artist but who isn’t these days?
7. I secretly wish Abacha would come back just to shoot GEJ while Obasanjo has a field day burning down all the Boko haram settlements
8. I am a bonafide foodist!
9. Yes and despite my obvious weirdness I’m a Christian, go figure
10. I’ve got a nice big afro GO BLACK POWER! GO AFRO –CENTRIC ME!
11. Did I mention how I awesome I was?* Pouts at mirror*

Are y’all still here? Ok good so now to answer Deolu’s questions which I’ve been dreading for a fortnight, Hian!

How old were you when you got your cherry popped?

12 , didn’t exactly have the chance to say no but yeah shit happens…

Skydiving or Bungee Jumping?

Well both freak me out like no mans business but I’d say sky diving,it might be cool to fly like a bird in another life

Jollof rice or fried rice?

Is that even a question? Fried rice na

Your highest point in life till date

Not sure really, probably the day I got saved #JesusTinz

Linda ikeji or Toolz?

Deolu, seriously? I resemble man, hian! Although that Toolz babe ehn …

Feyikogbon or gboromiro?

Uh… what is that?

Your most expensive possession

My property I guess *starts counting*

The sexiest asset on your body

Well that’s pretty obvious, even Timaya had to do a track just for me *shakes bum in the mirror* 😉

Get even or forgiveness?

Forgiveness, Why would I let someone live rent free in my mind when I’ve more important stuff to focus on, Why?

Nkem Owoh or Mr. Ibu?

I dunno either, I’m afraid.

*phew* and that is over, halleluyah *wipes brow*

Ok so my nominees are, drum roll pls!
@oluwawanababa @sirkastiq @vixenpixie @haemlet_ @tomboxe @ms_einsteinette @cumical @jeremytargert @theGeekyMidget. @deolububbles and zubair

Pls note: I expect a bottle of malt plus a hand written thank you note for this nomination eh hen! Something for something, na Naija we dey.
Hmm so my questions hehe *rubs palms together*

1.What would you do if you found a bag full money laying idle on the road side?
2. If you were asked why you were on earth what would you say?
3. Would you come back as a Nigerian if given a second chance at life?
4. Are you bored yet?
5. What’s your biggest turn on? (sexual)
6. Fruits or vegetables?
7. How long can you go without sex? (be honest boys)
8. Disney or Marvel?
9. Beauty or brains?
10. No seriously aren’t you bored yet?
11. Would you date/marry a chic/dude whose got a kid?

And finally, for real this time, it’s over. What torture Deolu has subjected me to, I mean I love you partially and all but even the Grammy’s doesn’t require all this grammar for nominee selection choi!
And with that I shall quit my whining and let you all get back to living a nice and normal life, safe y’all wana’s moi-moi is calling my name!
*rushes to playbookutunu next door*


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