My day at Krump tudios with ThinTallTony

Today started like no other, me huddled in the sheets and reluctant to get out of bed until a bb broadcast interrupted my morning lounging 😉 . Krump Studios had scheduled a 2hour contemporary dance class free of charge! For Free! 


I hadn’t danced in a while but there was no way I’d miss awoof training in contemporary, hehe! Alas all roads led to Krump Studios…


Having googled Anthony Edet Offiong on the short ride to Krump Studios in Jabi, my hunger for the class and the desire to meet this person whose resume filled up an entire blog post doubled! Seeing is believing you know. What I didn’t know was, I was in for an awakening that no one could have prepared me for.


The class started simple with stretches to music that echoed the heart and then went into a soul searching exercise which asked one question, Who Are You? The trick was to express who you think you are through movement. I realized from the exercise that I am only transparent to people who have a depth beyond the norm, how to express myself to all is now the challenge I take on.


Anthony Edet Offiong is an old soul free to the world and open to the experience life brings at every turn. He is a seasoned human being painted with expressive talents and truly is one of a kind.

A cross-breed Nigerian raised in the alleys of Lagos yet reborn in the image he has chosen, Anthony exemplifies the simplicity of a life we often complicate.

His is a story that touched my heart but I will only share the lessons of his journey that every Nigerian must learn. 

The only thing that can rob you of your destiny is you, your choices determine your result and regardless of what you think is your right you can not expect people to live your life for you, or depend on people for your success, no matter where you come from.



Anthony’s life has been a fight for existence and as an artist he is driven not by competition but by a passion hinged on expression and experience. He is one dancer to whom dance truly is his life.

Though his early thoughts of a career were of the navy and medicine, he found his true calling at a church program (that always required his trusty spoon as a companion) and an accidental trip to the national theatre where he met Steve James of Ivory Ambassadors which summed up his turning point and the beginning of his journey. From performing in the first production of ‘Ori’ to winning competitions in Madagascar and worldwide tours and workshops, his meteoric rise in the dance industry as a member of Ijodee Dance company was proof that he was and is where he ought to be.


His own production ‘Tears In The Rain’ which he describes as a dancer’s cry was staged in March and June of 2011. He is now currently working on a solo production named ’28m’, an ode to his personal struggles including the loss of his only sibling.


A cheerful happy-go-lucky guy with an unlimited desire to learn and grow, ThinTallTony proved to be an inspiration to me and made my rainy day a joyful one…



 Tony with Mima Angulu (CEO, Krump Studios)




Isys Drain






P.S. to hook up with Tony follow him on @ThinTallTony and to register for fitness and dance classes follow @KrumpStudios or visit, KrumpStudios Arewa hospital, opp. Jabi lake, Abuja…



2 thoughts on “My day at Krump tudios with ThinTallTony

  1. Wow,I’ve never asked my self that question befor,I think I should really ask my self right away.
    Aniebona Franklin Okechukwu who really are u?Hmmmmmm!!!


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