Dear God

Dear God,
I sat in church to day and received the mightiest slap on the face commonly referred to as a wake up call.
You see,I’m saved, born again if you may but not as faith driven as I thought I was.

I was once a baby in His sight,
willing to jump before He asked,
happy to bask in His presence,
ready to seek His face,
ready to love Him because He loved me
Yet here I am,
struggling to pray,
reluctant to worship believing in myself rather than in Him that is within me.

When did I become so proud and spoiled that I can no longer praise God for an hour without the prompting of a choir in a church setting?
After the Lord Himself saved me from the shackles of death that almost consumed me?

When did I become so aware of my ‘awesomeness’ that I forgot to give praise to the Giver of the awesomeness that out- ‘awesomes’ me?
Who am I that God is mindful of, as undeserving as I am?
Yet I use God and love things rather Love God and use things!
I’ve turned my Father into a microwave that is only available when I need Him to warm and vaporize my problems!

Oh Lord have mercy,
I am sorry for making u my shopping mall that I visit only when I am in need! Forgive me and help me be the child that sought u with the faith a baby trusting you without a doubt in the world!

Oh Lord my God, my Mighty God, my self sufficient, self existing God!
My Jesus, my Savior, my All
forgive me of my sins and help me to be the me you want me to be!
I know longer want to function by my own strength, I give myself away to you that you may use me cos you are my Creator and you created me to create and give you quality praise hence I bless u this day!

I appreciate and love you and ask that you forgive me!
Thank u for having my back and being my God regardless of how I’ve treated you!
Thank you Lord and take all the glory and honor
For it is yours for the taking and I give it gladly now and always

Your Love,
Ife (love)


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