The Adventures of Isys Drain : Barka De Gutter

The Adventures of Isys Drain : Barka De Gutter

AH HA! It might interest you to know that my life has suddenly become interesting even though my pocket does feel quite light these days…
It’s become so interesting that i’m now writing this first entry of my so called adventures! What can i say? I cant be a loser forever! 😉
Besides I do believe I’d be doing the world an injustice if I kept all this juicy gist to myself!

Unfortunately I shall be starting on a rather damp note, literally!
It was last Thursday, I’d just downed a hot bowl of indomie in the absence of being invited by any of my stingy Muslim friends and neighbors to eat rice and was hurrying off to Grease rehearsals (I’ve got gist on that in case you were wondering). So into this keke i got and the short journey to the studio began , may i mention how much i hate keke’s as a means of transportation? Darn skeletal tin cans with no doors or seat belts, urgh but it’s cheap movement *sigh*
Anyways, as we drove through Kado estate, we slowed down to climb over a bump in the road. Just as we did another keke came from no where and knocked us off the road.

Keke runz
Keke runz

Now what happened next is still blur, in less than a minute we were off the road and tumbling head first into the gutter which was big enough for us but not exactly a comfortable landing place.
I landed on my left arm and was quite dazed as two men lifted me out of the tin can ‘keke’ now completely wrecked as a result of the collision.

Poor me, though i didn’t have any major injuries my shoulder, arm and feet took quite a bruising and I sat on the grass thinking about how much worse the situation could’ve been and thanking God for life.
I eventually got a ride to the studio where first aid was administered and i pulled out the yelps as Adila attempted to clean my wounds

Of course I couldn’t exactly rehearse that day and after sleeping off the headache, i went home.

Well i’m alive of course wondering why i had to be hit by a keke of all things on Sallah day when i all wanted to eat was rice and chicken! Ah well, such is the tale of my first accident and hopefully my last 🙂

Ok enough of this it’s annoyingly sobering, but to my enemies I say Barka De gutter, ‘keke’ no fit kill me!

I’m out!


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