A Game of Chess





The water held more hope than the road did, it would be over soon anyways, I would disappear into nothingness, people would mourn and if there truly was an afterlife, I’d watch from the heavens as I played a game of chess with Michael Jackson.

I needed a minute; I owed myself that much…

All I’d said was no, no to him for wanting to get into my pants even though he was some extremely popular douche bag. I had enough on my plate and really school was my only distraction from the insanity I was forced to live with. I wish I’d known who he was, maybe I’d have found a way around what my eventual fate had turned out to be.

No to him in front of his followers meant revenge. I had pissed of ‘Lakunle who had turned out to be the head of a cult I’d only heard rumors about, darn, being anti-social had its disadvantages…
I had just turned on the lights in my room when I heard the knock. I put my books down and went to the door, I reached for the knob but the door came crashing down barely missing my face.

I knew trouble was all that was left when he walked in with 15 other guys. He said nothing as he made his way to the bed, 2 of his apes grabbing me and dragging me after him. The tears didn’t fall when my clothes were ripped brutally from my body with a pocket knife, not when I stood stark naked in a room full of strangers, not even when he entered into me as I was pinned down to my bed by 4 guys. No the tears came when the last guy had had his fill and searing hot salt water was poured all over my lady bits…

Being my father’s substitute wife had been a lot easier to bear when compared this humiliation and pain, at least he didn’t hurt me regardless of the sin he was committing.

I looked back at the water, I couldn’t live another day. I felt dirty, unworthy and defiled. Life had dealt me a heavy blow and now it was time to end it, I climbed over the railings as cars raced by behind me honking their horns. Well let’s look on the bright side, at least I’d get that chess game with Michael I thought with a smile as I let go…



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