The Skelewu movement has taken over the internet as Davido travels the nation and the UK in search of his favorite Skelewu video!
Listen and download Skelewu here —>


I must say this is a smart publicity move for the club-banging single’s promotion. What better way to get people to listen to the song than to have them battle it out for some extra cash.

With the prize money set at almost half a million Naira, people have joined the Skelewu frenzy for a chance to win. Can’t blame them really, I’d love to take a vacation to Dubai, half a million would do nicely in my bank account šŸ˜‰

Although, I do hope Davido intends to actually give out the prize money oh, cos looking back we never heard of the winners of the ‘Oliver Twist Competition’ a similar marketing strategy put on by the former dynamic duo Don Jazzy and D’banj of the now defunct Mo’hits records…

Anyways,it’s four days till the lucky winner is announced (hopefully), in the meantime here’s some of my favorite entries from the Skelewu movement…


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