Can You See Me?

Can You See Me?



What is the allure to things we know we can never have?
Why chase pavements you can simply walk on?
Why do we yearn so deeply for things out of our reach?

‘As she stares at him longingly while he kisses another, the man beside her is  reaching for her hand, both sharing a single thought ‘Can you see me?…’

We set ourselves up for disappointment so many times with the hope that maybe, just maybe the love we are so willing to give may be accepted long enough for us to be noticed.
We grovel at the feet of those who can do us no good, pleading longingly with our eyes for attention we have worked hard to get, only to be passed by without a word.

We shower them with compliments in hope for a kind remark, we become doormats to be trampled on and lap dogs that jump at every request. All this for a love that can never be returned.
Yet while we blindly chase the shadow of a love that only exists in our heads, there is someone across the room hoping for a chance to return the love being  wasted else where…
And the cycle continues, the cycle of unrequited love…

It’s easy to love someone with the hope of them loving you back, it’s hard however to accept that this is a love that will never be returned. A love that constantly asks ‘Can you see me?’


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