Why Date?

Why Date?


Why do we date?
In our times dating is as trivial as grabbing a glass of water. Moral standards wreak of hypocrisy and loyalty is for the nuns who await the return of a savior…

Being someone’s partner doesn’t give them exclusive bedding rights just a title and public recognition.
Being a girlfriend or boyfriend, doesn’t exempt you from the pool of eligible bachelors or spinsters, if there’s no ring on your finger sweety you are public property until proven otherwise! Do I see jaws dropping? Well pick them up and wipe off the drool, its the truth (plus I don’t want wet patches soaking up my blog post)

Where was I? Ah, ha yes, so why do we date? I mean, all the benefits that come with dating are no longer, how do I say this? Well they’re no longer benefits, simple. I love you is a common phrase tossed around at will, trust is for well whoever cares to value it and… Well I’m sure you get the picture *shrugs*
So again I ask (and repeat myself like a broken record)
Why do we date?


Is it to fool ourselves into thinking true love transcends physical satisfaction? Or to meet up to social standards which attach some level of importance to you once you are recognized to have a significant other?
Wait, wait I know why, it’s to meet the unavoidable need to not feel lonely and have a companion but if that’s so, why not just have friends? I mean, friendships come with the whole package these days, why commit yourself to a relationship you only commit a title to?


I’m just saying, if relationships can be equated to bed-mateship and friendships with no exact strings attached to the late nights with empty cocktail glasses, why date at all?


If loving you, means yeah I’m yours for all necessary purposes to her and means I love what you’re doing to me right now on the same bed where I shagged my girlfriend minus the lace panties then please people, who are we fooling?

My opinion? Don’t do it, less drama, more fun…
Like I said, why date?


5 thoughts on “Why Date?

  1. LOL…this is like the special epistle of friends with benefits,I think after everything there’s still a unique and special place for the person you are dating,there’s a mental difference,there’s a sense of ownership in dating and if you were just doing β€œstuff” with your friend,you know nothing is promised, even if we all know that truly nothing is ever promised in both situations…


  2. Buh in datin we tend 2b faithful n doin “stuff” only n exclusive wif dat 1person buh frndship is prostitutious in nature cos we all hav more dan 1frnd. N if we want2 b ‘ intimatlye involvd’ wif frnds as 1 wil b wit a bf or gf den dat turns us all 2flirts n sluts.with dis point of mine I hop I hav bin able 2convince and not confuse u dat datin is essential πŸ™‚


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