The Bucket List

Bucket List

Bucket List

The Bucket List is an awesome movie if you’ve never seen, I obviously have and I thought I’d watch it again this morning…

This is what happens when your neighbors refuse to get a divorce and resume fights at 3am in the morning (in case you were wondering)

Anyways, after watching the movie again (and blubbering like a two year old) I asked myself what would be on my Bucket List.

Before I go on to answer that, I must tell you how petrified I am of death. I know it’s unavoidable and if you lead a good life you’ll go to heaven and all but that doesn’t change the fact that death is scary as hell… (No pun intended)
I mean how does the soul leave the body? Is it painful? ( I hear even voldermort had to experience some human feeling when he split his soul into those horcruxes *shudders*). Do you wake up in the grave or roam the earth till judgment day or just haunt some old house till infinity *shudders*

Bottom line, I hate death but since I can’t avoid it I’ve decided to try my hand at writing my own bucket list (which is almost as scary)

*takes deep breath*

The Bucket List of Isys Drain

Below reads the list of things I’d love to do before I die *drum roll please*

1. Buy all the Harry Potter books to add to my library

2. Be known for being the best at every single thing that I’m a part of

3. Fall in love (for real…, you know the never ending kind)

4. Marry a multiracial husband, have curly haired babies and adopt a mexican/chinese kid( shouldn’t these be seperate?)

5. Travel the world in 80days and write about it… (What? Childhood fantasies are allowed na)

6. Own a school of arts before I’m 50

7. Build a local library and bookstore in every community I’ve lived in

8. Start a book club

9. Learn how to play the piano before I’m 50

10. Learn how to speak hausa and italian at some point in my life ( I mean it’s taking forever, mschew)

11. Be part of a live audience of So You Think You Can Dance! (And meet Nigel while at it!)

12. Have latin ballroom and contemporary certifications before I’m 35 ( I mean, someone’s gotta teach the kids πŸ˜‰ )

13. Help export Nigerian Art and Culture (it’s about time dontchu think)

14. Own a recreational centre if I can…

15. Sponsor education for 1 child every year for 10years…

16. Go treasure hunting…

17. Definitely try bunjy jumping (not in nigeria oh!

18. See cirque de solie live ( and maybe bring it to nigeria *hmm*)

19. Leave a comprehensive will for my children

20. Collect every disney cartoon that exists before I start having kids

21. Own a tour bus mehn!

22. Be genuinely surprised

23. Oh yeah and try swimming with dolphins (at sea world oh, as shark dey real sea so…)

24. Write a best selling novel, then make a movie adaptation

25. Meet Darren Criss

26. And of course, own my very own empire (legacy tinz)

Hmm… the list may be modified at some point in time, but these are the things I hope to do before I die…

*sigh* it actually wasn’t so bad writing it. Have you ever written a bucket list? Have you seen the movie? You should do both and share if you like πŸ˜‰


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