SARO : The Musical


I hopped on the first flight to Lagos to see SARO: The Musical, which I had been dreaming about from the moment I heard about it from my friend and lead cast member Anthony Offiong Edet (see post A day with Thin Tall Tony)

The journey started in August as Bolanle Austene-Peters set to work to bring together Nigeria’s finest directors, choreographers, singers and dancers to take on the feat of creating what has now become Nigeria’s trend-setting Broadway production.

The story is centered on the journey of four friends from Kutuje village seeking greener pastures in Lagos. Faced with various trials upon entering the city, they find themselves in jail. It is however this unfortunate event that points them in the direction of their Lagos dream.

A story simply told, was brought to life with an array of colors on the Oriental Hotel stage.
The costumes, music and clever use of props helped create a captivating show. The dance numbers were very exciting and some even hilarious, a favorite being ‘Gbesoke’ by wizkid performed by the Mama Alaye and her possy of touts.




To be honest, there was never a dull moment in the entire show and Lagos history was splayed out in song and dance in a way I have never seen before, eyo dancers, tumblers, Fuji music, the works.

I think what was most impressive for me, was the level of professional exuding from every single member of the cast. They were in character, fully expressive and synchronized. The synergy on stage was evident and the scene transitions were seamless, which in Broadway, is necessary.
Plus the lighting and sound was quite good, this being the common weakness of most Nigerian stage productions.
My favorite characters? Well Dave for one (and not ‘cos he’s my friend), the Mama Alaye and Jane.

I do believe Mrs. Austene-Peters is extremely proud because all her efforts and hard work paid off in a very big way.

And the cast definitely have helped make history in the Nigerian theatre scene. The only way now is up as SARO will definitely help birth a new appeal towards the arts in this country.

I feel quite confident that this truly is the start of something new! It turned out to be all I was expecting and a lot more!

For more pictures from the show see here :


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