Happy New Year

It’s a new year and I expect nothing more than happy, profitable days , if I dare say so myself.

I won’t be talking about resolutions though because I for one, think new year resolutions are a little overrated and are a typical case of promises that are made to be broken.

I do , however, believe in planning and this year I hope to accomplish all I’ve set out to do and you my fluctuating readership will help me.

I hear you clearing your throats to protest and raising questioning eyebrows but hear me out.
I’m not going to dump my 2014 plans in your laps for you to monitor my every move, heck no it’s a ‘steal-able’ gold mine, can’t risk any of you running off with the ideas before they’ve even hatched (no offense) I’ll only subject you to the part I assume you already have interest in, which is dependent on your participation, wait for it…
My blog!

You are going to help me take this blog up a notch, by reading my posts, sharing the links, subscribing to the site but most importantly, commenting on my posts and demanding for more 😉
I, in return, promise you awesome stories, consistency, no typos (spell check activated) and a fun time plus loads of new stuff.

If you’re not sure who Isys Drain is and what this blog is about well it’s simple… Take a look and find out. Ok so enough grammar, let’s burst open a bottle of sparkling coca-cola and toast to 2014…

And coming soon…

The Hook-Up 😉


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