Corporate Ties : The Hook-up

This was definitely what I needed, I thought to myself as four bikini clad girls jumped into Alex’s indoor pool. I smiled as I turned back to the bar, nodding to the bartender for a refill.
Work had become a nightmare, my relationship a bore and my friends… Well I didn’t exactly have time for them except Alex of course…

It had been a huge relief when management announced the office having to close down for a week for security installments or whatever. It was my first break in five months and Alex had thrown a party to celebrate.
And celebrate I shall, I thought to myself as I grabbed my glass and made my way through the crowd in search of good conversation.

*** *** *** ***

I must’ve been out for two hours because it had grown darker outside and the party was in full swing. I struggled to sit up, wondering how I had managed to sleep over all the noise when I saw her sitting opposite me. She had long dark legs that went up into an emerald green dress . Her hair was held up at the back of her head and she wore drop earrings that brushed her shoulders. I was surprised yet pleased to see the lack of make-up as I studied her face, her lips full, slowly stretching into a smile, her beauty striking and natural. It took five whole seconds for me to realize that she had been talking to me,
‘Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s rude to stare and drool’, she passed me a paper towel and my tongue came unhinged in time for me to say thank you.
‘I’m Lana and my feet are killing me’ she said as she leaned forward to unstrap her ankle length boots. Her breasts pressed against her knees threatening to pop out of her strapless dress.
‘What do you do? If you talk that is?’ She asked.
She waited patiently for me to open my mouth again and I eventually obliged, sputtering to life.

We talked, flirted, drank. It was easy, interesting and undemanding. Her accent gave her a refined air which suited her perfectly. She had this bubbly laughter and her nose wrinkled every time she took a sip from her glass. It was cute.
As the night drew on, we moved to a cozy corner in the living room and huddled up on the couch talking, sharing a kiss and a shot, oblivious to everything around us.
Alex walked up to us, a lady on each arm and after kissing them both, threw me a key, winked and left. Lana took the key and pulled me up. We stumbled down the hall way in search of the door to which the key belonged. Three tries and a make-out session later, we found it and fell into the room giggling like teenagers.

We rolled on the plush carpet and she started unbuttoning my shirt. I kicked the door shut lazily and reached for the zip at the back of her dress, kissing her neck lightly as I took in her perfume.

She, I , we… My name was the last thing I heard as I gave into the night…

*** *** *** ***
I waded in the water as the clouds rained dark chocolate from the sky. It formed a puddle that rose into the shape of a woman. She walked towards me with her arms outstretched. I held her in a tight embrace and she whispered in my ear. It was a shrill sound, I tried to make out what she was saying when…
‘Brrrring, brrrrring’ I groaned and rolled over
‘Brrrrring, brrrrring’.
Damn it! My alarm! I reached for my trousers and yanked out my phone. With one eye closed, I turned off the alarm. I rolled on to my back, then sat up.
‘Lana?’ I said getting up to check the bed.
‘Lana?’ I opened the bathroom door, she wasn’t there.

I sat on the bed and tugged at the pillow.
A sheet of paper fell to the floor, it was a note.
‘Last night was fun, Love Lana’
I turned it over hoping to find a number or something but that was it.
I sighed, got under the sheets and went back to bed.


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