Corporate Ties: The Meeting

It had been two weeks since Alex’s party and even though I was drowning in work, I couldn’t seem to get her out of my head. Lana…
She was a rare blend of everything my dream woman was meant to be, classy, smart and a natural beauty. *Sigh*
Teju was better suited as a buddy when placed in comparism with Lana. It wasn’t fair to do that, she’d been my friend for two years and girlfriend for six months and to be honest, she was the closest I’d come to a serious relationship in a long time but I’d never been able to shake the feeling that we were friends with benefits, even after I had finally asked her out over christmas.

I should feel guilty, I thought to myself, I’d spent the night with a stranger and there my girlfriend was trusting me to be the loyal boyfriend while she was away. I’d never cheated on her and though it wasn’t a good enough excuse, Lana was a taste of something different. Besides Teju wasn’t going to find out anyway, what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her and I never got Lana’s number so chances of seeing her again were slim.
I snapped out of my reverie as Alex dumped a pile of documents in front of me.

‘Sorry bruv, new department head just got in and asked for you to sort this out, plus meeting at his office is in…’ He checked his watch, ‘ 5mins, see you in a bit’.

I groaned, hibernated my laptop and walked over to the boss’s office. Work had resumed with a couple of surprises, the company had hired a team of managers from Alias Clark to replace all managerial staff which meant we all had new bosses. I’d heard about the new guy in our department, smart fella in his mid-forties with a rather intimidating resume. Hadn’t gotten to meet him though, so the timing was perfect.

A small crowd had formed in front of his office, I planted myself on a table at the back of the crowd just out of sight as his door opened.
‘Good day, I’m Bode Grant’ came a loud, nasal voice. He was definitely not what I was expecting. At about 6 feet, he towered over the crowd, his lips thin, nose pinched with beady dark eyes and dreadlocks tied back in a pony tail. His body looked like it was about to pop out of his suit as his muscles bulged dangerously. Jesus! This guy could pass for a bouncer at a night club, except perhaps for the british accent.

I’d barely gotten over the sight of the man, when I got nudged in the side.
‘I asked for your name, you don’t seem to be here’ he said looking pointedly at me.
‘Sorry, I’m Feyi, Feyi Shittu’ I said standing to my feet.
Everyone else introduced themselves as I watched the clock tick. The last name was said and Mr Grant went into a speech of how he intended to change things and improve the quality of work churned out by the department. A few minutes later we were done and he summoned me into his office.

‘Feyi, I’m told by your former head of department that you are being considered for a promotion’.

My jaw dropped as I stood opposite him.

‘By the look on your face I am guessing you weren’t told’.

I nodded for lack of a better response.

‘Well, I’d like to take you out this evening and get to know you a bit better before putting my name on your reference’, ‘bring a date, I’ll mail you the details’.

‘Uh thanks… Uh Sir’ I said barely getting the words out. I was still in shock, I had been convinced that Mr Soji had hated me. I was the only one who worked extra hours, got sent on business trips and external meetings that no one ever wanted to go to, not to mention being on the receiving end of his endless tantrums, yet all this time he’d been pushing for my promotion.

I walked back to my table and a smile crept to my face. Dinner with the new boss, not bad. I picked up my phone and dialed Teju.


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