Corporate Ties: The Dinner

I held both ties up in front of the mirror. Blue or Purple? *sigh* what was one supposed to wear to dinner with the boss anyway?
I eyed the outfit I’d picked out and shook my head.
Mr Grant definitely was bourgie folk, he’d made reservations at Chateau de Rouge and I’d all but talked Teju out of splurging on a new dress, now I wish I’d gotten myself a new outfit too.
Settling for the purple tie, I jumped out of my clothes and into the shower, Buble’s soft voice playing from the room…

**** **** **** ****
Teju looked stunning in the little black number she’d chosen for the night making me feel a lot more confident as walked up to our table.
I soon spotted Mr Grant, hair slicked back in a pony tail as he easily wore a black Armani suit with a white shirt loosely opened at the neck. Could the man be anymore intimidating? He smiled and waved us casually into our seats.

‘Good evening Sir, this is a lovely place’ I said taking his outstretched hand.
‘Oh it’s nothing, I’ve been coming here since it opened’ he said laughing as I helped Teju into her seat.
‘This is my girlfriend Teju’ I said,
They shook hands and I braced myself for the onslaught of an evening with boss.

Things went pleasantly, we had wine and shrimps and talked about everything from the weather to the match against Chelsea. Well, Mr Grant and Teju did most of the talking, I just nodded and kept an eye on my watch.
I heard her before I saw her and my heart jumped into my mouth as I literally choked on my drink.
‘Ah finally, honey’ Mr Grant said as he stood to kiss her on the cheek. Lana kissed him back and apologized for being late ‘Bloody island traffic’ she said shaking her head. She caught my eye and smiled,
‘Daddy introduce us won’t you’ she said sitting beside Mr Grant.
‘Oh yes my manners, Lana meet Feyi from the office and Teju his beautiful and rather interesting girlfriend’ he said winking at Teju who, I couldn’t believe, was giggling like a teenager.

This was going to be one long dinner, I groaned inwardly and prayed for a miracle


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