Corporate Ties: The Night Cap

I shouldn’t be here! I shouldn’t be here! I should turn around and leave before she notices my car in the drive way. I’d been telling myself this for about 20mins as I sat parked in front of Lana’s house.
I wasn’t going to show up, I’d gone to get a drink and found myself heading to her house.
I kept telling myself it was because Teju had to work this weekend and I was bored but I knew I just wanted to see her again. I had been fine, till she’d shown up unannounced at the office.
‘Brrring brrring’
It was Lana
‘I suspect you’re the one parked in my driveway, the house girl’s been watching you and just asked me if she should call our security’
‘I’m sorry’
‘Well wait there, I’ll be down in a second’ she said and hung up.
So much for escaping, I thought. ‘I might as well strap myself in for the ride’ I said to myself as Lana made her way to the car in a jumpsuit that left little to the imagination.

‘Hey stranger’ she said as she got into the passengers seat.
‘So we’re not staying here’ she continued ‘we’re going to the town house in VGC, seems more appropriate’.
I started the car and listened as she gave me directions.

*** *** ***
This isn’t a house, it’s a mansion ‘ I said as we drove in. I got out the car and stared at the gigantic building in front of me.
‘I’m happy you like it’ she said grabbing my hand
‘Come on let’s go in’
I couldn’t help thinking of what could be done with all that space as she pulled me in to the living room.
It was the size of a football field! The walls were white and immaculate interrupted by a painting or portrait. The furniture smelt new and the rugs were plush and black. To the left was what seemed liked a mini-cinema complete with elevated seating and what was probably the biggest tv I’d ever seen…

‘Ok so sit and explain to me why have you been avoiding me? She said.

‘I haven’t been avoiding you’ I said trying to sound convincing as I looked hurriedly away. What was I supposed to say? I have a girlfriend who’d kill me if she’d found out, a boss who’d fire me and I can’t trust myself when I’m around you? Nah, I thought shaking my head slightly, lying was easier.
‘Anyways, I didn’t think I’d see you again?’ I went on.
‘I didn’t think I’d see you after that night either, which was quite a night, if I might add’, she had this grin on her face that had me smiling. I had to admit, it had been one hell of a night and if things were different… Calm down I thought to myself, this isn’t the time to ponder on the ‘if’s ‘ and ‘maybes’ of that night.

Lana didn’t seem to mind my silence as she seemed to be busy with thoughts of her own.
‘Well, this is awkward’ she said, ‘let me show you around and maybe we could find something to watch afterwards’ she continued as she pulled me out of the seat.

We walked through the house, hand-in-hand as she talked about the house, her family and the artwork. She was like a child talking about her favorite toy. Her eyes sparkled in the light and her ponytail swayed, lightly brushing her back, as she turned her head this way and that. We went up a flight of stairs, ‘these are made of mahogany from india’ she was saying as I eyed the banisters which had intricate patterns carved into them. We made our way across the landing in a room which held an indoor pool with a beautiful view overlooking the acres and acres of greenery that made up this vast piece of property. The pool itself was empty, but it glistened as the rays of sunlight hit it giving it a somewhat ethereal look as the light bounced off the walls.

We moved from room to room till finally we came to what looked like the master bedroom. I felt like an intruder as I stood at the door, gaping at the luxury suite before me. I wonder how much money these people really have, I thought as allowed Lana pull me in.
I sat on the bed, trying to take it all in when Lana kissed me. She’d caught me completely off-guard with it and I braced myself in time for the next one. Her lips tasted sweet and she smelled of candy floss. Her arms circled my neck, tugging gently on the tufts of my hair. I was falling, plummeting actually, into her kiss when I remembered Teju and Mr Grant and sat up gently pushing Lana away.

‘This isn’t right’ I finally said, ‘your dad is my boss and I have a girlfriend that you happen to have met’.
I got up and walked to the window, not trusting myself to look back at Lana’s now slightly swollen lips or steamy eyes. If only she wasn’t so beautiful, I thought to myself for the umpteenth time.
Just then, l heard a thud. I turned to see Lana standing, a surprised look on her face. The sound came again, only this time I could’ve sworn I’d heard laughter.
Lana walked towards the sound, which seemed to be coming from the adjourning bathroom.

I moved past her, determined to shield her from whatever it was, when the door opened abruptly.
There before me was Teju, hair wet, naked save the towel wrapped loosely around her waist and Mr Grant, in a white terry robe, holding her to his chest.


5 thoughts on “Corporate Ties: The Night Cap

  1. Wow!!
    Who woulda thot? Now I see where Lana got her skills from; great writing and a wonderful read tho’ sometimes short. I really enjoyed dis series and I sincerely hope dis is not the end. Can’t wait for others.
    Great writing again Ife!!


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