The Adventures of Isys Drain : Friday’s Intervention

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend and now that’s it’s here, it’s turning out to be my best weekend this month.

After an extremely productive week, the tension and pressure I was under had started to take it’s toll. I knew I was in need of an intervention and music by a genius was the definitely the way to go.
Now when I say genius I can only mean one person and that is Atta Lenell (I honestly can’t get over the visit *gushes*). We caught up on all the gist we’d missed out on (which was quite a lot) since we hadn’t seen each other in almost a year.

After that, Atta started to paint the musical story of our time apart with strings, chords and other things.
My face lit up as every new transformation opened me up to a different side of every voice I heard, causing me to see good in myself as well as the awesomeness being played. Atta had indeed been busy giving life to songs by John Oga, Kenny and Jessica Bongus Ikuwe.

The mood had been set, I was floating on air and just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, Atta’s impressive writing shook hands with his guitar and the experience went ‘deep’. Nothing gets me more than music with substance and a dash of uniqueness. The entire experience was surreal, words can’t truly do justice to the impact it had on me.

I obviously haven’t gotten over the awesomeness but I can’t be blamed *blush*. Atta is the future of good music in this country and no, afro-pop doesn’t fall into that category for me.

I drifted all the way home after that and slept like a baby. I’m blessed to be surrounded by talented people and Atta Lenell is definitely one of them.

Next stop football with @Krumpstudios

P.S. Follow Atta @Attalenell on twitter and check out his website

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