The Adventures of Isys Drain: Football Saturday

Guys take football way too seriously jor, if there was a dollar paid to fans for every match won by their teams, guys would be rich. Today at Jabi lake, the Krump Studios crew split up into two teams for their first in-house football match.

It Was Epic!

On team A was Miracle, Justin , Victor, Tabitha and the Queen Krump herself Mima while team B had Frankie, Princess, Uche, Eno and Praise our favorite salsero. The match started with friendly comradery until the goals started dropping. The game got tougher and soon enough both teams had two goals a piece. The attack line from Team B definitely put a lot of pressure on Team A but surprisingly Tabitha (Team A’s keeper) stepped up nicely. Team B’s effortless team work won them the game fair and square with 3 goals to 2.

I had fun screaming. Hold up I can see the looks y’all are getting, let me bring it to your notice ehn, I’m not cut out for playing football. Why would I place myself in the midst of raging boys trying to kick a ball? I could get hurt! Heck no, my skills are for the side-lines only 😉 . Anyhu moving on, it was an awesome day. The winners won movie night together sponsored by the losing team, the way forward if you ask me.

I managed to famz in one picture and collect a few for this post enjoy and see you at the next match!

P.s. For dance and fitness services check out Krump Studios, 31, Alex Ekweme street, Jabi or call 08185651796

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