Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
Service today was awesome! It was one of thanksgiving that ushered us into the month of April and the realization of who I am in Christ hit me with a renewed purpose.

Everybody hits rock bottom (or different versions of it) now and again. You know that time when all you see is a brick wall between you and the next best thing. That period of frustration, laced with depression and branded despair.

Oh yes, I know the feeling a little too well and it has never been pretty.
Every time I hit this point, I spiral down into an abyss that leaves me helpless, worthless and ashamed. My ability to create dims until it becomes a shadow of what I am capable of, my worries become my nightmares and fear keeps me asleep with eyes wide shut, forcing me never see beyond of the circumstance I’m in.
Even when I’ve reached a point where I know I have to get up and out, I fight so hard to fly with wings that aren’t mine to direct.
Sad, is what it is… Sad

But when I have fallen from the flesh that fights to suffocate me into the Spirit that yearns to save me, I encounter a spiritual revival that sets me straight and this is what has happened to me today.
I rededicated myself to the Source, God Himself and the rivers of water flowed through me, unlocking the doors of limitations, setting me free. I went from being unable to do a thing to being hyper-creative. The inspiration is from God, the joy is of God and my life is for God.
And with this revolution came a revelation of thanksgiving.

I am a first generation Christian and I have faced the troubles of coming from a Christ-less (Muslim) home alone with no one to help me but God, yet here I am. The testimony following this encounter was my baby brother revealing to me how he too had eaten of the bread and drunk of the blood. Indeed my brother is saved too and I couldn’t be happier.
In addition, doors of opportunity have opened up and I know that I am a changed person, wrapped in favor and dipped in grace.

The Word I leave for you is…
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and it’s righteousness and all

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