Dear Diary – Ifeoluwa

I accept the love of God that has been available to me before my inception
That saved me before my acknowledgment of sin,
That speaks for me beyond my being.

I was born into love in an imperfect world
And this love inspired my name,
Ifeoluwa which is the love of God.
The love that birthed me however didn’t last
It fell apart and broke my heart
Leaving me searching for what I thought love was
Confusion set in as various shadows of the real thing tore me apart so bad
That I yearned for love yet had no idea how to receive it.

I could not find the love that was waiting patiently for me till it arrested me
Captured me and held tight
Not letting me go even though I struggled to escape it,
It was the love of my father,
He wept with me, He wept for me but amidst this He comforted me
Telling me He loved me

I heard Him but didn’t believe Him
I couldn’t identify what I felt,
I had been bruised into believing love was pain
I had been battered into equating love with hate
What was this He felt for me?
This life He gave to give me life, a light to save me from the dark
It was love…

I fought it so hard but couldn’t win against the power that suppressed me
I stopped long enough to look again and I saw it
It was love, the love of my Father, the love of God.
Words can’t describe it yet I try to share this feeling that has engulfed me with peace, hope, joy…
I fly wingless and I soar,
I walk on water knowing I’m safe

What I knew as love was not what He felt for me,
What He felt for me was the Love that He is,
A love He had for me before I knew,
I get it now and I receive the Love of God
After all, it is for Him I was named,
His first born, Ifeoluwa

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