From my Heart to Yours

To You,
These days I can’t stop thinking about you, where you could be, what you are doing and if you are looking for me.
I don’t know if I’ve met you yet or if that day is close by but I do know that I’m waiting for you. I won’t pass time with shadows of you or date until you show up, I’ll just keep my heart open and pray for you till you find me.

I know you will love me as you love God, I know you seek me in Him and know Him as He lives in me. I know you are smart and creative and love art in all it’s forms. Together we’ll smile over the masterpiece we shall create.

I imagine the endless walks we’ll have, hand in hand talking about anything and everything. I’ll be safe with you and you with me. Ours will be a love worth fighting for, worth writing about, worth living.
We’ll speak the same language and share the same thoughts, we’ll be one , I your rib, you my heart.

You, me, we, us…

Till you find me though, here I am, head on my pillow, heart hidden with my Father, writing letters about our love and patiently waiting for you.

From Me

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