Local Terrorists At A Global Summit

Tweet rants are what birthed this post read carefully Nigerians and Pray for your country!

So lemme explain this in plain english.
Boko haram was created by northern politicians that realized that come 2015, the control of Nigeria’s oil rigs will be handed over to the Niger Delta region and their source of power will be lost. With GEJ in power he will ensure the right thing be done once he is re-elected but our greedy northern politicians don’t want that to happen. How else will they control the nation’s economy?

So boko haram was birthed. Rich northern politicians hired ignorant northern youths to do their dirty work by cajoling them into fighting a sharia war that does not exist to distract nigerians from the truth and paint GEJ bad so he will not be re-elected.
Young northerners are fighting a false war, dying as martyrs with a promise of heavenly rewards from hell-goers who claim to be god.

Poor GEJ’s inability to handle his public speeches and react to negative situations has aided the painting of his face black.
But he knows what’s happening and has refused to fight this battle, wise but not exactly the naija way of doing things (I mean, obasanjo would’ve leveled another village in warning na!)
Anyways, the northern pot-bellied politicians I was talking about earlier, don’t care about innocent killings, they’re on a mission ‘Keep our oil rigs and kick out GEJ before nigerians catch on’.

But boko-bombing isn’t all oh! The fake boko-kidnappings nko? The girls don’t have parents abi why are politicians wives leading protests on behalf of supposed ‘mourning mothers’?

GEJ may seem stupid to the nation and sometimes he can be (no offense Sir *bows low*) but he didn’t put the World Economic Summit together for nothing.
You see, local rats and trained guard dogs can’t reside in the same place and obviously the dirty politicians trying to ruin his campaign won’t stop, so he called in America – the terrorist hunters. Haven’t you noticed how boko-bombing has turned into peaceful #BringBackOurGirls Protests?
How dare local uneducated youths fight the terrorists that just buried Iraq?
They no fit.

Ah GEJ is smart. America wants to control our oil, so they’ll gladly offer security and turn it into a global war. Japan/China own our trade agreements so they are here to make sure America doesn’t overstep it’s boundary while GEJ markets our economy which is apparently more investment friendly than SA, see sense. GEJ isn’t good with public appearances but he’s a strategist.
With America bullying boko, he’ll be re-elected but here’s the catch America controls the oil that is already in Niger-Delta so it’s a win-win, boko haram dies a natural death and niger delta gets what it deserves with supervision by the Terrorist hunters.

Once the battle for oil no is longer an national issue, all the politicians will just calm down. The power don miss for yankee shores be that na (my pidgin sucks I know)

Now this is what will save GEJ’s image for the rest of his life, with oil out the way he should push for confederalism! Nigerians will never see beyond their religious and tribal differences if they are not forced to split from Federalism. There will be no more national cake, instead it’ll be ‘go and develop your state’ instead. If you are culturally biased, move back to your state oh! It’s not by force!
Then the competition will start, ‘my state must be better than yours’, fortunately lagos will be light years ahead of everyone else, they never had oil so they took a leaf from Dubai’s book and merged tourism with their love for partying!

In the blink of an eye Nigeria will be re-aligned with it’s God’s given destiny without a bloody revolution.
God loves Nigeria that’s why we haven’t ended up in War! I hope GEJ doesn’t mess up but something tells me this is has been his plan from the onset, so I will pray for him and forgive his wife for trying to destroy the foundations of my house with the bombshells she throws from Aso rock, so help me God!

Yes I said it… #Ntorr

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