The Adventures of Isys Drain: On A Zaria P (Day 1)

So after experiencing the gruelling journey to Zaria from Kaduna, I must rename my adventure, bone #KDMovement this is On A Zaria P, the Road to Redeemed Dance Ministry’s first Dance workshop supported by Krump Studios.


The day started off rather rough for me, having worked into the morning without recovering from Miracle’s hectic dance groove class the night before. Anyways, after a brief meeting with Mima and a deep breath, Miracle and I set out for the journey.

Mehn, I’ve gotta be delivered from road trips, I am not cut out for them at all. Funny thing is, I found the scenery quite fascinating for the part of the journey that I wasn’t busy groaning or feeling nauseous. Thankfully God blessed me with sleep, you know, the kind that distracts you from pain.

Sha, three hours and a couple of snores later, we got to the park and had to get a bus ( that was more of a human sandwich can) to some place called Samaru. Mehn, the squishing in that bus wasn’t funny, I jumped out like cat woman the moment we got to our stop.

Bushes ( my newest ‘baby’) was waiting for us at the stop and led us into the gates of ABU Zaria, the alma mater of some of the best people I’ve been blessed to have in my life, Jemima Angulu being one of them.
So far the school is… Well… ‘Schooly’ and conservative at that. It was quite interesting to be in a school environment again, I should feel old right? Well I don’t *shrugs*

I’m making acquaintances at the moment, the exco’s Gabby, Ruth, Blessing and Sesan are quite welcoming. Paula is amazing too, looks like this will be fun…
#OnAZariaP #KDMovement


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