The Adventures of Isys Drain: On A Zaria P (Day 2)

With the passing of the night came the dawning of a gold Zaria morning, cool, dusty and peaceful, save the music blasting from the opposite apartment. It had been a long night, my host Paula, had done everything possible to make me comfortable, God bless her soul.

So Day 1 of the ‘Limitless Mind’ dance workshop, organized by The Redeemed Dance Ministry and supported by The Krump Dance studio, was here at last, with Miracle set to teach basic contemporary. I wasn’t quite sure if I was excited or nervous but nothing could’ve prepared me for what I was about to experience.

In Zaria, Hip-Hop is the only recognised style of dance and growth in dance as well as the performing arts is crippled by the conservative nature of Northeners who frown upon overly social activities, especially dance. Many a dancer have given up on dance, cowering under societal pressure and silently longing for change.

After breakfast, we set out for the venue which is called ‘ChopHouse’, Miracle in instructor mode, me… Well trying to ignore my allergies *covers face* #buttyproblems
Bushes handled set-up, while Miracle prepped and I got into an interesting conversatiom with a guy called Arthur, a talented graphics designer and tee-maker (cool tees coming soon!)

The class started soon enough with stretches which is quite intense for the dancers as contemporary was foreign territory to them. A lot of them barely made it through the first set of stretches, poor things.

Miracle then went into the basics of dance, elements of dance and the art of choreography. I was completely transfixed as I watched him give life to the dreans of the eager young people before him. When he began the ‘white space’ exercise, time stopped and he pulled out the soul of every dancer, including mine. It was an experience that words could not express, a feeling of joy, pain, need swept over the room, reducing some of the dancers to tears, dance was birthed before my very eyes.

The class ended with choreography done to Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball and To build a home by The Cinematic Orchestra.
20 dancers came in contact with their breakthrough, I make the 21st.

Lunch came and went, sleep followed suit, I was drained… Apiboi played host for my second night and my allergies kicked into overtime which wasn’t pretty at all. By the end of the day, I’d started to feel a tad ill, ah well… #buttyproblems
Bushes and Miracle left for their ‘crash site’ and I fell into a fitful sleep.

The day had served it’s purpose and my last night at Zaria had come. Day 2 of the workshop will be handled by Eno and he’ll be teaching Funk Jazz assisted by Justine. I won’t be there but y’all know I’ll have the gist…


…Much love to bushes, sesan, paula, michael, gabby, apiboi, ty, meshach and the wonderful participants of the workshop…

Isys Drain


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