IDEA 2 PRODUCT – Understanding The creative process

Meet James Omokwe, a friend of mine and CEO of Studio 84. He’s a Film maker, editor, director of photography, actor, rapper etc, yes, yes he’s gifted, go figure.

He shot his first movie ‘The Awakening’ which was nominated for Best film 2013 AMVCA 2014 and Best vfx in a movie AMAA 2013.
After which he shot Tromper for Ebony Life/Live tv.

I’d say he’s got some experience under his belt having worked with stars like
Oc ukeje, tope tedela, kehinde bankole, femi brainard, Bryan okwara, Kc ejelonu *phew* and the list goes on.

Join James here every monday as he shares his experiences with us and gives us a few point on how to make our ideas, products.


Lesson 1:

Introduction: Belief: Do something #Idea2Product

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