Deaf: To Blow or Not to Blow

‘My guy this artiste go blow?’
‘Yes oh e go blow’
Two months later…
‘My guy that artiste nko?’
‘E neva blow oh!’

I fell in love with Eva’s ‘Deaf’ the first day I heard it, I’ve always been a fan of hers, so obviously the moment I found a cover of the same song by Boogey, I downloaded it but somehow never got round to listening to it until this morning and all I kept thinking was ‘ouch’.

I will not go into the various versions of the original story of Eva’s ‘near success syndrome’ , this isn’t about her but about the business of entertainment.
You wan blow?

My people, artiste management is not a prison cell, it’s a means to an end. I won’t dispute that some companies prey on the ignorance of their artistes but please, high is the price of ignorance, educate yourself.
No matter how good your talent, unless you have an unlimited supply of cash flowing from some unknown/known source like our ever-evolving Davido, omo mehn you can like to calm down for Jesus and get signed sharply.

Labels/Managements etc are there to give meaning and structure to your talent while you sit back and do what you were born to do and make money while you’re at it. If you like money too much then biko, get a lawyer to break down your contract to you so you know what you’re getting yourself into and don’t end up with a million naira lawsuit like our darling Brymo.

The real question however that has me deaf with need to write is, as an artiste ‘ARE YOU MANAGEABLE?’ Or do you think the sun sets and rises on your behind?
I don’t mean to be harsh (actually I do) but it’s quite annoying to see good talent go to waste just because ego and ignorance got the better success, especially in the Nigerian music industry where mediocrity is celebrated.

Now asides the fact that we take what’s dished to us, the talentless few have blown because they want to hammer and don’t mind subjecting themselves to structure so long as they get what they want.

PAUSE! Take out the blindfolds and re-read what I just said. Ok good, so where were we?

Yes are you manageable? Your talent is not enough, can you follow the rules long enough to fulfill your own dreams? I did not say drop your style or what genre you want to stick to oh, I said drop the pride, attitude and get to work!
Do you think doctors go around screaming ‘I’m gifted oh, I’m gifted ehen’ and the money just appears. They write some of the hardest exams that exist, serve under extreme tutelage and rip animals apart in preparation for the operating table and here y’all are hollering!

The international stars you claim to be your inspiration are doing it the right way and those that can’t are indie artistes who are quite content with gigging and a small followership of family and friends. Now, if that’s your aim by all means, do you but if the reverse is the case then, ‘whatchu saying?’

Fine, I’ll be nice, it hurts to see the semi-successes and natural deaths of talents that have the potential to change the nigerian entertainment industry, listen, learn and stop acting like you’re DEAF to the truth!

Download Deaf by Eva here

Download Deaf (cover) by Boogie here


3 thoughts on “Deaf: To Blow or Not to Blow

  1. Listened to both versions- not bad!
    Valid points, although I do believe there’s more to it than simply pride and attitude.
    And medical students dissect cadavers not animals. 🙂


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