The Adventures of Isys Drain – The Unanka’s Maltina

Sooo!!! After many weeks of tension, joy and prayers I somehow managed to bundle myself down to Lagos for the Maltina Dance All Season 8 finale with my partner in all things great, Mima (my hero *winks*).

We got to Lagos, camped in Lekki and hit the ‘Vote Unanka Family’ campaign with vigor! I kid you not, if we could’ve become the votes we’d have multiplied per second, all we wanted was their victory. I even got my family on the multiple voting spree…Lol.

Saturday came and I patiently counted the hours. I wasn’t nervous, I was determined to be there rooting no matter the outcome and have as much fun as I could in the process.


Hold that thought…

So I snuck into Lagos without telling my sister because I hadn’t planned to go home for the weekend and all that but told my dear pa… (To be continued)

All decked out and looking as hot as I could manage, I left for Eko hotel after a quick detour to the palms. It wasn’t my first time there but it was the first time I got to enjoy the view. It was breathtaking and calming at the same time and with the finale a few hours away, Lord knows that’s what I needed. While we waited for our passes, I went all ‘Selfie Nation’ on Mima.




A sharp scratch on my back announced the arrival of Carl James, our ‘hook-up’ for the finale, with Comfort Fedoke in tow.
I honestly thought I’d be star-struck when/if I got the chance to meet her but to my surprise I wasn’t. I was just… Happy. She seemed quite nice, free-spirited and polite which was a welcome relief.

Seeing them seemed to open the networking flood gates, as person after person kept showing up to say hi. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how many people knew me and recognised me from Star The Winner Is, even though I wasn’t sporting my signature ‘fro. Biko, this PR thing truly is my calling #I’mJustSaying. Where was I? Ah ha, the meet ‘n’ greet went on and finally we got to see our family as they were ushered backstage to prepare for the show. The voting frenzy resumed and I launched myself into it full throttle again with glee.

The time finally came and after passing through the zillionth anti-ebola check point, we got in. Selfies went down first,obviously, and then the seat hustle ensued. Thankfully, Carl had bumped Mima up to VIP so latching on to the upgrade was… *winks*
We got good seats and started chatting about our expectations, the free-flowing chow and other stuff when I heard my name. Guess who! Sitting two tables away was my dearly beloved sister, Dara! #Busted!
There was no point attempting to enter the hole that had miraculously appeared under the table, I just faced the music and gave my sis a hug. She loves me how she wan take do?

Turned out that her company had Maltina as a client and she had excess VIP tickets imagine! Anyways, she switched tables and we caught up on all the gossip and gist that had been piling up since we last saw. I sharply converted her to team Unanka and then the show began.
The opening performance was a sight to behold. It was colourful, energetic and entertaining plus my appreciation of Comfort doubled as she killed our naija dances with ease!

The family performances came next and every family gave an epic performance for the last time on the Maltina Dance All stage. Adila pulled out her hula-hooping and juggling tricks, stunning the crowd and the Unanka family made me proud all over again. No matter the outcome, they had already won. When the results finally came in, I moved to the edge of my seat and held my sister’s hand.
The Odigie family came in third and the Uzodinma family second, leaving the Unanka and the Utere family in the running for the first position. The Utere family was crowned champions and we placed fourth.
I let out a sigh of relief, it was over! We may not have won 10million naira but we had won as a family and to me, that was all that mattered.






After that it was hugs, famzing, networking and chow.
Our family took it well and soon smiles had gone across the board.

Eventually it was time to go and I left with a sense of fulfilment. As Mima and I walked to the lobby with Carl, I saw the one and only Kunle Afolayan! Chimmoo! I was so shocked but the famzing spirit had evacuated my mind so I just couldn’t go and say hi. Seeing him however was just as good even though Carl did try to get me to go talk to him. (‘Neveeeer!!!’)

Sha we left, got home and collapsed upon the bed like a sack of potatoes. Don’t judge, looking pretty and hustling for the good of the people you love is hardwork biko. Not to talk of typing the whole gist for your reading pleasure… Hian.
With that said, The Unanka Family I love you always, next stop the homecoming parry!
Your sincerely,
Isys Drain


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