The Adventures of Isys Drain: October 1st

Rarely do I write reviews on Nollywood
movies but with the epicness I just witness I can’t help it.
Kunle Afolayan is a genius and probably the best example of how much Nollywood is capable of if everyone would focus less on money and more on quality.

I wish now that i’d spoken to him when I saw him…
Anyways I digress

It was our first family day out in almost 2 years and October 1st was the popular choice for movie night.

The story centres on the serial killings of young virgins in the village of Akute as Nigeria counted down to it’s independence. Inspector Danladi Waziri was posted to the village to investigate the mysterious killings and slowly the tale began to unfold.

The story in itself was a perfect depiction of the psychological damage done to children who have been victims of abuse which is heavily underestimated in this country. It also had political under tones, that loosely brought to light the intentions of the British in the name of granting Nigeria independence.

But that’s not all, the value placed on people of status, making them ‘above the law’ was not the least in the many things embedded in this wonderful tale.
Kunle Afolayan has indeed outdone himself proving he is the master of thrillers in the Nigerian film industry.

The script was well written by Tunde Babalola, with the right blend of languages to make it internationally accepted and THE SUBTITLES MADE SENSE!!! *eyes substandard nollywood subtitles that have threatened to dissolve the boundaries of Nigeria*

Inspector Danladi was the quite the character, a stranger to the land due to his tribe yet educated and determined. He solved the case of the murders like a professor proving his thesis, even though he did seem quite slow, every move was calculated.
Afonja, the semi-literate corporal, was the clown of the film dazzling us with his heavy yoruba accent as he wrecked the English language shamelessly.
‘Koya was played by Kunle Afolayan himself and his tearful account of the abuse he faced at the hands of Father Darwin broke my heart.

But the ‘Ropo the serial killer, was not the least to make an impression. Fooling Akute and the audience with his charm and looks, he did not fit the description of a serial killer or so we thought.
The casting was perfect and did the script justice to say the least.

Kunle Afoloyan’s directing skills have definitely improved and he made a good attempt at properly using the slow motion effect to emphasise tragic moments, though the smooth transitions from scene to scene were not perfect, the picture and sound quality were quite impressive making his effort an all round success.

From the first impression he had on me as Arese in the popular mainframe film, Saworoide, Kunle Afolayan is yet to let me down and with the way he’s going, I doubt he ever will.
My words of praise however aren’t enough, go watch the movie at the cinemas and see for yourself, it’s one worth watching!!!

Full Cast
Olaitan-Sadiq Daba as Inspector Danladi Waziri
Kehinde Bankole as Miss Tawa
Demola Adedoyin as Aderopo
Kayode Aderupoko as Inspector Afonja
Kanayo O. Kanayoas Okafor
Bimbo Manuelas Canon Kuforiji
Ibrahim Chatta as Sumonu
Femi Adebayo as Banji
Kunle Afolayanas Agbekoya
Deola SagoeasFunmilayo Ransome-Kuti
Fabian Adeoye Lojede as Corporal Omolodun
David Bailie as Ackerman
Nick Rhys as Winterbottom
Colin David Reese as Father Dowling
Lawrence Stubbings as Tomkins
Ifayemi Elebuibon as Baba Ifa
Abiodun Aleja as Olaitan


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