The Adventures of Isys Drain : Cool And The City…

The Adventures of Isys Drain just refused to end!
Last night was the best end to the weekend i’d had in month.

So, it was Cool fm’s anniversary and they celebrated it by organising a major concert for their fans and friends called Cool and The City, befitting name if you ask me.
I made an attempt to look hot, playsuit, heels and a ‘froed mohawk (sorry no selfies this time)added a good buddy to the mix (yes it’s mima) and went in search of Big Mo to pick up our tickets.

At the gate, I bumped into a lot of familiar faces, Hope an OAP, Biggie and a lot of others. The excitement from outside had me itching to get in and after my tag had been strapped to my wrist, I scuttled in to find good seats.

The show was fun packed. Crazylegs had the house in peals of laughter, Short cut decided to walk away with our ribs (laughter is a good thing) and Chuks Da General tortured a poor female volunteer on the stage with his ‘how to toast a girl 101’ skills.

A musical break ensued and I endured some upside down twerking by some of the funniest dancers i’d ever seen. I do recall staring intently at my phone half way through the performance, how I wan take do?

Anyways, the Cool fm OAP’s were introduced to us, from the Good Morning Nigeria show gang, Rosemary, Tony and Kevin, to the mid-day oasis’s Faith and of course Benny Ark amongst others.
I was itching to see some dancing, so you can imagine my glee when Wild Buck took to the stage!

Krump and Lyrical hiphop was done so well, you could tell Wild Buck had done their homework. But what I wasn’t expecting was the shoki performance that followed, it was so good yet amusing all at once, major shout out to Wildbuck. Ok ok, moving on…

The guest acts that took the stage from then on out had me jumping in and out of my seat. Harry Songz took the stage singing his hit single ‘Better Pikin’ then AY put us through live Karaoke after making a ‘big boy’ entrance!

And then guess who came up next, Klint Da Drunk!!! I hadn’t seen him perform since school and he still made me laugh senseless.

But the star of the show was MC Galaxy! People , that guy is cray! Comedian cum musician, he threw a couple of jokes into the crowd warning them about how ‘unwell’ he is!

And then the singing started, first his single ‘Kete Kete’ came on and mid-song he received a revelation, went into the crowd, found himself some volunteer back up dancers and made them compete for a cash prize.
Now I thought he was bluffing, until he pulled out the wad of money in his pocket and started spraying the guys! The crowd went wild!

Oh but that was just the beginning! It was time to sekem, the volunteers didn’t need any cajoling this time, six boys made it to the stage to prove they were the sekem masters.
‘One hand on ya waist, Oya sekem’ was playing and Mc galaxy did the sekem with a bottle balanced on his head!
The boys danced their hearts out and Preye (one of our own) won… wait for it… MC Galaxy’s sneakers!
Yup, he took them off then and there! I told you the guy was cray.

I must say the Abuja crowd seems to be loosening up, less forming, more fun! Bring on the shows people!
That said, the event ended with KCEE the limpopo master! I danced my way out of the hall, happy, satisfied and ready for a new week!

These Adventures *sighs* exits blog…


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