Birthday Grammar!

Birthdays are a celebration of life, a moment of thanksgiving and for me, a time of reflection.

This year has been one of my best in long, long time. I tag it as the year I started living again *smiles*. In these twelve months, I have been reintroduced to myself and finally let go of the many things that have held me back.

Oh but I didn’t do this on my own. In this time I have been blessed with different people, those who stayed for a while, those who didn’t. Those that basically forced me off my butt and acted as a crutch till I could find my footing, those who annoyed me enough to make me stand up for myself, those who had my back despite my annoyingness, chei the list is endless but it would be ungrateful to claim I got here alone. If I hadn’t been blessed with such an array of beautiful people, I would never have found myself.

So, even though I still haven’t embraced the culture of turning up, down or sideways on my birthday, I’m quite happy saying thank you to everyone!

The best is yet to come but I sense it’s a lot nearer than before 🙂

God bless you all for putting a smile on my face but most importantly my adorable lovable sister Dara, who got everyone at work and cool fm to call me and a present I shall be seeing soon and Mima, for being just the friend I need, I got a lovely present from her too! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!
*whistles happily*


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