EMPIRE… State of Mind

Empire_Intertitle Now that the world is pretending to have gotten over the epicness of Empire and Nigerians are currently distracted by the elections, I’d say now is a good time to write about it, EMPIRE that is. Mind you, I had to contain myself by sleeping excessively to ensure that by the time I got round to writing this article I wouldn’t be quoting every episode from the 12 part series.  Yup, it was that good. I mean I was downloading each episode on my phone making glo extremely happy as I kept running out of data.

Let me start here, my love for EMPIRE came as quite a shock to me for one reason only, hip hop, mobs and the ‘blackness’ of the rap scene isn’t exactly my thing and before you start complaining about how racist that statement is note, I AM BLACK-ish (hahaha , I’m sorry I just had to). Seriously though, that hip hop culture is beyond me, it goes right over my head lol and here comes a series that is all about the Hip hop culture having me up at night. P.s. I’m going to try very hard not to make this all about Cookie.

The Cast

t empire Terrence Howard and his raspy and sometimes trembling voice and extremely passionate acting put the Lyon in Lucius Lyon. Singer/ Song Writer , Father,  former drug pusher, Owner Of Empire and most importantly ex-husband and multiple Cookie Offender, Lucius Lyon is as slippery, manipulative and evil as Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter no, I don’t mean the Kim Kardashian Malfoy. Geez, Terrence gave such a performance that he made me a lover of Hiphop when he gave that speech about being the voice of the streets after one of his artistes screwed up. 6436077_G Funny most people seem to think Lucius is the Diddy of Empire, I beg to differ! I think he’s more of a Jay-Z. Who else refers to himself as messiah? Sorry I meant Jay-hovah! Malik Yoba plays Vernon Turner or Uncle Vernon to the boys, Lucius Lyons wingman, glorified bodyguard / personal assistant and the fixer. He plays the guy who knows everyone’s secrets, has sworn allegiance to the king who, in this case, is a Lyon and still plays chess with the Lyon children to secure his place in the Empire when Lucius Lyon is no more. If only he knew Lucius has taken the Immortality pledge Meet The Boys Hakeem Lyon the Lil Wayne wannabe, allegedly talented, Obama insulter,  recklessly reckless lover of older women  and last son of Lucius Lyon who has incurable mummy abandonment issues is played by Bryshere Gray, some dude I didn’t know existed till Empire, forgive me Hakeem lovers. Hakeem represents everything about hip hop I can not stand, he’s rude , rolls with a posse that stick closer to him than his pants do to his behind, wears too much jewellery and honestly believes he’s smart enough to run his own business after showing that his idea of seriousness is showing up late and hung over for recordings, smh! If he were my son… oh but no but he is Cookie’s son and she beat some respect into his head with that broom! #EpicEmpireMoment1 Jamal Lyon is my favorite Lyon heir, he’s cute, sweet, sensitive, talented and wait for it… GAY! Who would’ve thought a hip hop mogul would be capable of producing and raising gay offspring without popping a blood vessel? Jamal Lyon did a good job of showing us how to handle being different without being a drama queen. Funny, you’d have expected him to be the most troublesome of the lot but he turned out to be the most level headed. He loves music but not the power that comes with it, that was until Lucius started pitting him against his brothers. Oh boy was I happy when he came out at the white party singing his own version his father’s hit single ‘ You’re so beautiful’. #EpicEmpireMoment2 Oh wait and did you see when he battled that rapper who called him out for being gay? Oh Jesus, #EpicEmpireMoment3 Andre Lyon is the probably the odd kid out despite the fact that he is the first son of the Lyon Dynasty. He has no musical talent whatsoever, went to college, studied business and married a white girl. The only thing he seems to share in common with his father is his disturbing love for power. You’d think he’d be the level headed one but he turned out to be a disaster waiting to happen and we saw him unwind towards the end of the season where we discovered that he was severely bi-polar. Annika, our very own kitty boo boo who looks more like Rihanna than a wannabe Halle Berry, was only worth watching when she got beat down by the Lyoness herself, Ms cookie #EpicEmpireMoment4 Which brings me to the person you’ve all been waiting to hear about! Can we please have a round of applause for the ex-wife to Lucius Lyon, Mother of the Lyon boys and the original founder of the empire that is Empire, courtesy of her talent, $400,000 worth of drug money and 17 years in prison, Ms Cookie Lyon! taraji_empire_streets First off, whoever came up with the name Cookie was a genius, I love the way it rolls off Lucius’s tongue when he talks to her. My lord, she is quite the cookie to behold, from her outfits to hairdo’s Cookie is the center of attention in the Empire! I mean every moment in the series had a Cookie moment! From her unannounced return to the beat down of Hakeem and the infamous Kitty Boo Boo. Wait,  let’s not forget her threatening to steal the empire or rather take what’s hers, her famous Cookie quotes, sexscapades with the hot head of security Mr Malcolm *coughs loudly* , ooh oh and who remembers the stunt she pulled at the announcement of Lucius and Boo boo kitty’s engagement? cookie-mink-400x255  #MultipleEpicEmpireMoments #KO Casting Taraji P. Henson as Cookie was definitely a stroke of genius and to be honest I can’t wait to see her again in Season 2. She and Terrence had this way of making dialogue seem like spoken word. Now I had a feeling this post would be too long so I’ll stop here before you all give up on me and go elsewhere, don’t worry I’ll finish it, after all we’ve got one long weekend ahead of us! And forgive any typos, ok I’m out!


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