The Adventures Of Isys Drain : The Ipad Hustle

So I guess it’s no news that wedding expo was in town over the weekend. For those who don’t know, the wedexpo is Nigeria’s biggest wedding trade fair. I’ll save the history for later, better yet Google it.
Anyway, I tagged along with my friends to check it out, meet new vendors, possibly gather content and make some noise. I was thrilled to see the Fruit Garden as one of the vendors, they’ve recently become one of my favourite healthy food suppliers, love love love. So, after grabbing a fruit parfait from them I worked my way down the aisles , talking to a few vendors, checking out displays and occasionally stopping to dance because the dj seemed to be on my frequency.
The vendors went all out, every booth was a sight to behold, my favorite being The Wedding Guru. Interesting as the event was, however what caught my attention was the giveaway dance-off. Apparently, one of the freebies to be won at the event was a brand ‎new ipad. So the compere put together a dance -off for ladies to compete for it. Chei!I had to respect my two-strand twists and close one eye to keep from joining in, dang I need a new ipad too you know!
The hustle for the ipad was gangster, the ladies weren’t smiling as they bust out their moves on the dance floor. All I kept hearing in my head was ‘it’s hammer time’ lol.
It finally came down to last two dancers and the heat was on. the crowd went ballistic, even I couldn’t contain my excitement as the girls went head to head for the ipad. Eventually, a winner was chosen and I beefed her all the way home, mostly because I was sure I needed it more.
Anyway, *puts jealousy in check* I got to meet the Wedding Guru herself Christy Ogbeh and the CEO of the WedExpo amongst other people so i’d say it wasn’t a bad way to spend my Saturday.
Here are a couple of pictures from the event:
IMG_3126-Copy IMG_3134-Copy IMG_3144-Copy IMG_3176

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