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So after watching the video ‘Pose’ by Yemi Alade, i’d say I was well slightly underwhelmed and here’s why.

• First off, the general concept of the video was quite simple however it did seem as though all the scenes were hurriedly thrown in to fill up space as opposed to being properly arranged to get the message across in a cleaner way.

• With the right level of direction, the amount of colour splashed all over the video to compliment Yemi’s style would’ve ended being sexy, African and pop. Instead it became quite a mess

• And lastly, now that we have realised that Yemi loves to dance, the time has come for Efizzy music to employ a personal choreographer and back up dancers for her that’ll add the spice that comes with her music. I’d suggest Ezinne CEO Zinarts and a young guy that specialises in street jazz and afro funk called E-jay. I could hook her up both ways.

Dear Yemi, I respect your hustle and only want to see you do better! Hoha!
Below are videos by E-jay and Ezinne


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