One Chance Chapter 1 drops on Ndanitv

So obviously I didn’t die of anticipation and lived to see the premiere of One Chance on Ndanitv.
The series was created by James Omokwe and Xavier Ighorodje , two obviously insane human beings who have made it their life’s mission to ensure they ruin us with awesomeness that Nollywood can not provide!

The only let down was that it was soo darn short!
The approach was what I like to call ‘the watchful mosquito’, yes everything is recorded on someone’s camera phone. Three friends standing at a bus stop decide to ‘enter’ each other while they wait for a bus and turns out one just got a smart phone.

What I loved the most was the easy banter, there were no pretentious accents, unnecessary gestures or grammar. It was as real as possible (thumbs up)
Next, that Aka dude is a hottie (yes I spotted the eye-candy) but what had me in stitches was the Indian drug seller! Did you hear his drugs help you go ‘heeen’ in the bedroom? Jesu!

Picture quality was good and the use of lighting was spot on, considering the entire thing was shot at night.

Y’all need to watch out for chapter 2 but most importantly, watch out for James and Xavier! They is not playing!!!
It’s a ghen gehn sometin yo! *winks*

Watch here

And don’t forget to subscribe!


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