Weekend Round Up: The Ndani Tv craze

After a week of rapid fire content from Ndanitv, I’ve got quite a lot to say about the channel, the content and nollywood.

Ndanitv is giving us a glimpse of what Nigerian television should look like if we would all sit down, plan properly, execute effectively and distribute accordingly (I’m feeling the adverbs too ;)) kudos to Jadesola… head of…

Ndanitv has launched a package called the Ndanitv series bouquet which at the moment consists of new series One Chance, Skinny Girl in Transit , Real talk with Cornelia O’dwyer and returning series Officer Titus. All four series have proven at a glance, to be packed with quality production, new and old talented Nigerian actors and fresh, creative ideas.

Before you ask, I don’t work for Ndani Tv. I just can’t ignore good stuff!

With what I have seen, they have proven at this early stage that quality content can come out of nigeria without cutting corners. One Chance and Skinny Girl in Transit have gotten rave reviews since they dropped and everyone can’t seem to wait for the next episodes to drop!

Obviously, a show like ‘Real Talk’ may take a little longer to catch on because Nigerians haven’t fully embraced talk shows but it shows potential and thankfully, the stereotype for presenters was broken. We have a ‘boldly’ beautiful host, who isn’t a living and breathing barbie doll with tv acquired accent . She’s straight to the point, vibrant and ‘real’. I’m sure the tempo’ll pick up soon enough.

I would like to take time out to mention that, the writers of both One Chance and Skinny Girl in Transit are fabulous. We tend to pay little or no attention to the writers of movies, series and plays on this side of the world, but without them you have no production, so big ups to y’all and keep up the amazing work.

That said can we talk about the content recycling happening on dstv? If one channel has it, every channel has gotta have it, seems to be the mantra.
What should be happening is each channel investing in creating it’s own content to give us variety. Take ‘Before 30’ for instance, it shows on almost all the African Magic channels, Ebonylife Tv and a few more if I’m not mistaken. You no dey tire? Take a leaf out of Ndani’s book jare!

Ok i’ll stop my rant here and continue next week, I’m sure I can hear some people yawning!
I’ve just got to say, if Ndani keeps it up, i’ll ditch Dstv and buy data to watch Ndanitv on my phone!
*exits blog*
Oh and happy Eid Fitr to my Muslim followers out there!


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