Adventures of Isys Drain : All in a day’s work

Today was probably one of my most interesting and tiring days.
I went house hunting in the morning, then rushed to get dressed for my shoot. Today’s profile was on Ilo Nwaka, the man responsible for setting up the swarovski stores in the UK (construction and interior). Soft spoken and calm, he took us through what he does and how he has been able to achieve what he has over the years.

The shoot ended and next stop was a meeting for an upcoming reality tv show. I met some of the craziest and smartest guys in abuja. It was a 2 hour meeting that was amusing, serious and tiring all at once.
Then I made a quick stop at Spice Platter so Sarah could wash my stomach with pepper soup before dashing to my friend’s private listening party.

Bash Amumeni is a talented spoken word poet who is releasing his first spoken word album titled ‘Freedom’ and today he had a private listening to get feedback from people before the official launch. It was a small intimate gathering of art enthusiasts, writers and poets who gave constructive criticism on his fantastic body of work. I won’t spill the beans yet, wait for his feature coming soon here!

So that was what my day was like, I’m exhausted *yawns* *exits blog*

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